Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year- Good Riddance to 2011

I finished the month of December with the final two stands of AWI British Light Infantry, bringing the unit up to 48 figures (8 stands of 6 figures), or 480 men at a 1:10 ratio. Adding these to the 40 British Brigade of Guards, also for the AWI period, results in a total of 88 figures painted for the month. That is more or less up to my painting pace in the days of old (several years ago), although it was admittedly helped by having the last 11 days of the year off from work. So make hay while the sun still shines.

I'm trying to think of the wargaming highlights for the year, of which there are many, but few are remembered:

1. SYW - the British army finally defeated the French for the first time in about 5 years, at the Battle of Waldeck!

2. SYW - Golconda Miniatures for the wars in India are first released

3. AWI - Fife & Drum Miniatures go into production

4. Colonial games - played several fun and interesting games set in the 1890s in Bill Protz's General Pettygree campaign.

I'm sure that there are others, but these are the ones that stick in my mind the most.

On the bad side of the ledger, there were a lot of natural disasters going on around the world such as the tsunami in Japan, heavy floods and hurricanes all over the USA, earthquakes and more. May 2012 have fewer natural disasters.




  1. Jim,

    I agree with your wishing "Goodbye and good riddance to 2011!" Down here is Mississippi we had several killer tornadoes, including one monster that wiped out a whole town, and a monster Mississippi River flood.

    Best wishes for you and your family in the New Year!!


  2. Darn, should have been "Down here in Mississippi."


  3. Yes, I forgot about the Mississippi River flooding. That was really bad.

  4. Because the Japanese earthquake/tsunami was so overwhelming, the disaster that so many tend to forget is the series of strong earthquakes in New Zealand that have really devastated so much of Christchurch (which was NZ's second largest city -- much of the population has left it).

    I join with you in hoping for a less destructive 2012 and wish you a very Happy New Year.

    -- Jeff

  5. We have just had another reasonable aftershock come through Christchurch tonight. 2012 has got to be better! Happy New Year Fritz.

  6. Dear Jim,

    May 2012 see more games, many,many more painted figures, and good health and fortune to you and the family. Of course, you might want to add a Maria Theresa bear to Lady Cuddlestone-Smythe's collection....

    Jerry Lannigan

  7. I was wincing at the news about the recent aftershock in Christchurch. Enough is surely enough.

    We had another jolt here in Tokyo as well today. As I was painting, too, which broke concentration somewhat.

    Hope Mother Nature has got everything out of her system, and that the coming year remains largely uneventful for us all!

  8. Happy New Year Fritz and amen to that.

  9. can only concur with all that was said above and hope that 2012 is far better for everyone