Thursday, December 15, 2011

AWI: The Guards are Coming!

Just a short posting this evening as Mrs. Fritz had me loaded up with errands and chores and thus, not a lot was going on down in the Man Cave. I do have a 40-figure battalion of the British Brigade of Guards on the painting table.

Of course I am using my Fife & Drum figures for this unit, noting that no other range of figures in the 25mm to 30mm spectrum offers the correct Guards figures for the AWI. I nearly have the 8-figure grenadier company completed and have made a dent into the first of four centre companies. I hope to get these finished and based by Sunday evening, next, which also happens to be my birthday. Perhaps Mrs. Fritz and Lady Emma will give me some coupons for "painting time" so that I can hunker down in the Man Cave and paint my brains out. We can always hope.

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  1. Well, as my Gallian allies would say, "bon anniversaire!" Or from the eastern front: С Днем Рождения.

    Grand Duke Orzepovski