Wednesday, July 10, 2019

I Didn't Go To Historicon Sale!

"Rogues, would you want to go to Historicon every year?"

It's kind of a drag if you were unable to go to Historicon this year. Maybe you waited too long to book a room reservation, maybe the journey is too far away, maybe you don't have enough vacation days saved up. Whatever the reason, Fife and Drum Miniatures is offering a good deal to help you drive those Historicon blues away.

Starting Friday July 12, 2019 all orders of $30.00 or more will get a 12% discount on any Fife and Drum and Minden Miniatures item. The sale goes on for one week and ends July 19, 2019.

If you want to take advantage of this limited time offer, then go to the Fife and Drum Miniatures web store and when you check out your order then enter the coupon code DQ1000 to get your 12% discount. 

Friday, July 5, 2019

Skirmish Game Units: SYW Austrian Grenadiers

Two companies of Minden Austrian Grenadiers.

Austrian Grenadiers Firing
(these are actually the French Legion d'Hainault figures painted as Austrians)

Reverse view of the grenadiers.
I think that the miniatures used in a skirmish game should have action poses rather than formal marching poses. The Minden Croats suit my purpose perfectly, but I don't have any action poses for regular Austrian infantry. Then I took a closer look at the French light infantry figures for the Legion d'Hainault and noticed the resemblance between these figures and Austrian musketeers and grenadiers with nothing more than "conversion by paint". This means that no extra conversion of the figures is necessary other than paintingbthe figures like Austrians. You can see the results in the pictures in this thread..


Thursday, July 4, 2019

Happy Fourth of July

"Traffic Jam" at the Battle of Cheraw.
Fife and Drum Miniatures and photo  editing by Chris Gregg.

I want to wish all of my blog readers and customers a happy Fourth of July holiday. I hope that you have time to spend with your family and friends today and enjoy some fireworks tonight.

We are having 22 people coming to Schloss Seewald today for a party and yours truly is taking the role as head grill master. I hope that part works out well as I'm still a bit of a tenderfoot at the grill station.

Lelia and I usually start the day by going to the Lake Bluff July 4th Parade. Here are some pictures from previous years' parade to give you a general idea of how this all goes down:

Union Civil War colour guard always leads off the parade.

The world famous Lake Bluff Precision Lawnmower Team now in their 47th year.

Americans love Pipe and Drum bands

Nathaniel Greene sends his regards for a happy holiday.

The Father of Our Country, George Washington

Monday, July 1, 2019

Gendarmerie de France Cavalry - Greens

25th Foot stands fast against the French cavalrie at the Battle of Minden.
Richard has sent off the greens to Griffin Moulds for the French "Gendarmerie de France" cavalry. This elite regiment, consider half a step lower in the pecking order than the Maison du Roi cavalry, participated in the Battle of Minden on August 1, 1759. 

This year marks the 260th anniversary of the battle and so it seemed logical to add the Gendarmerie de France to the Minden Miniatures figure range. I don't believe that the new figures will be available prior to the anniversary this august, but they will certainly be in the inventory by late august or early september.

Please click on the Kronoskaf link, below, to read the history of this regiment. There were 10 companies of Gendarms and 6 companies of Cheveau-legers. From this lot, two companies were paired to form a squadron, so there were 8 squadrons at Minden.

On August 1, the regiment took part in the Battle of Minden where it was deployed in the third line of the cavalry centre under the command of the Marquis de Poyanne. Along with the Carabiniers, they attempted a third attack upon the 9 battalions (mostly British) who had already repulsed 2 cavalry charges. Their charge was more successful and they broke through the first line of Allied infantry. However, the second line received them with deadly fire and forced them to retire with heavy losses. On August 30, when the French main army took position between Bauerbach and Amöneburg, the Gendarmerie formed part of the Reserve. The Gendarmerie was so depleted that each squadron counted only some 120 men.

Officer and Trumpeter

Reverse view of the Officer and Trumpeter

Standard Bearer and cavalryman

Reverse picture of the previous picture.

The French kettle drummer in the Minden Miniatures figure range can also be used as part of your Gendarmerie de France regiment.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

New Minden IR15 Prussian Guards Greens

Following up on my posting of pictures of the Bosniaken greens, we also have a nice batch of new figures for the Prussian Guard, second and third battalions of the Lieb Guard (also later designated as IR15/2 and IR15/3, respectively). The first battalion was the ceremonial unit that did all of the fancy marching at Potsdam (although their one SYW battle at Kolin featured an amazing performance that day).

The first and second battalions of the Guard wore tricorn hats and the third battalion wore grenadier mitres. However, all three battalions were considered to be "grenadiers". The new figures represent the second and third battalions. Note that officers always wore tricorn hats, so the officer and standard bearer figures in tricorn hats can be used as command figures in the third battalion. Even though the third battalion soldiers wore mitres, they carried the regimentfahn.

Second Battalion of the Guard (wearing tricorn hats)

Second Battalion (L-R) musketeer, NCO, drummer and ensign.
The ensign can be used for both battalions.

Rear view of the 2nd Battalion figures.

Third Battalion of the Guard (wearing mitres)

Third Battalion (L-R) grenadier, NCO, drummer and officer.
he officer can be used for both battalions.

Rear view of the grenadiers.

Subsequent to receiving these pictures, we decided to add an NCO carrying a pole arm - there were three senior NCOs in each battalion that carried pole arms. The other NCOs carried rifles or muskets.

As you might guess, I am really happy to add Prussian Guards to the Minden figure range and I look forward to painting a battalion of each once the figures are cast. Perhaps in the future, we might add the first battalion figures, dressed in their parade ground uniforms.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

French Hussars Painted

French Bercheny Hussars - Minden Miniatures

I've been working on a unit of the French Bercheny Hussars lately. I painted the command set and the Hussar set so that I could take pictures and put them in the product codes in the web store. This is part of my ongoing project of having pictures of painted figures for every product code in the catalog.

French Hussar Command (MFC-005) Trumpeter and Officer.
French Hussars (MFC-006) come in two different poses.

Since this gave me a head start of four figures for a squadron of Hussars, I decided to build it up to 12 figures. I have six figures painted so far and have six more to go.

One idea that I'm mulling over is to put light cavalry onto round bases rather than square bases. I haven't gone all in yet, but I do like the look of the round bases.

Should I put light cavalry on round bases to indicate that they are not "battlefield cavalry"?

Here is how the hussars line up against another squadron when both are mounted
on 2-inch square bases. A minor amount of overlap that is not readily apparent.

This picture indicates that my round bases have a slight overlap of approximately 0ne-quarter inch.

The French hussar squadron on round bases.
I think that the overlapping bases situation when matching up round bases to square bases can be handled by just indicating that the same number of figures in the front line of the melee get to participate in that melee. This, as opposed to only allowing those figures in face to face contact fighting in the melee.

The round base idea is something that I am still mulling over. I like the look for light cavalry because it distinguishes them from the heavier battlefield cavalry of cuirassiers and dragoons. However, the Prussian hussars were trained to be battlefield cavalry so what do I do with the Prussian hussars. Where Austrian and Russian cavalry trained in the same manner? I seem to recall that the Russian Horvath Hussars played an important role in the Battle of Zorndorf in 1758.

Maybe I will just base the Bercheny Hussars on the round bases to see how the concept looks. I certainly don't want to have go back and rebase ALL of my SYW light cavalry.

What do you think? Please leave some comments with your thoughts and help me out with this idea.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Hessian AWI Jagers are now in stock!

New Fife & Drum Miniatures AWI Hessian Jagers.

The new AWI Hessian Jagers have been added to the Fife and Drum Miniatures AWI range of figures and they are now available for purchase from our webstore Here

There are two new infantry pack codes HP-008 Jager Command and HP-009 Jagers Skirmishing as well as one new regimental pack HR-003 Hessian Jager Regiment. The regimental pack saves you 10% off the retail price of the individual figure packs.

Closeup view of the seven new figure poses for the jagers

HP-008 Hessian Jager Command pack features one officer with telescope,
one musician with horn, and one NCO.

HP-009 Hessian Jagers Skirmishing

HP-009 Hessian Jagers Skirmishing

These new jager figures are ideal for small skirmish level wargames such as Sharp Practice as well as for more conventional set piece table top battles.