Friday, October 9, 2015

I Think I Need More Prussian Cavalry

My Minden Prussian Cuirassier Brigade (KR13 - Garde du Corps in front; KR1 Jung Krakow in the middle; and KR8 von Seydlitz in the back. (click pix to enlarge).

Last evening I was looking at my Austrian and Prussian armies, which are facing each other across my game table, and I realized that with the recent addition of some Saxon cavalry, my Prussians are going to be outnumbered. 

We we can't have that.  8-|

As of today, the Austrians have 3 Cuirassier regiments, 2 dragoon regiments, the equivalent of 1 converged Saxon cheveaulegers painted and based. My nephew Alex has just completed a commission for me that will add one more Cuirassier and one more dragoon regiment to the order of battle. I also have one more Cuirassier regiment coming via some bartering with another painter. So at the end of the day, the Austrians and allies have a combined 5 Cuirassier, 3 Dragoons and 1 Cheveauleger regiment, or 9 regiments.

My Minden Prussians currently have 2.5 Cuirassier regiments, 2 dragoon regiments, and 1 hussar regiment, or 5.5 regiments ( Garde du Corps counts as a half regiment). Regiments already painted:

My Minden Prussian Cuirassier, annotated in the picture. (click to enlarge)

KR1 Jung Krakow cuirassiers (24 figures)
KR8 von Seydlitz cuirassiers (24)
KR13  Garde du Corps (16)
DR5  Bayreuth Dragoons (48) - this was a 10-squadron regiment. I count this as two dragoon regiments.
HR5  von Reusch (Black Hussars) Hussars (32)

Clearly it is time to start painting Prussian Cuirassiers again. :D

I think  that I will start with the yellow coated KR2 Prinz von Preussen regiment. The Gensdarmes regiment - KR10 - was usually brigaded with KR13 Garde du Corps, and since I already have the latter regiment, then KR10 would be a logical addition as well.

This morning I cleaned and primed the first dozen Cuirassiers for the Prinz von Preussen regiment. I think that every collection of SYW Prussians probably includes this regiment because of their distinctive yellow coats. With a long three day weekend ahead of me, I ought to be able to make good progress on the painting front, so be sure to check back here over the weekend for painting updates.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

GNW Swedish Cavalry Pix

I finished off the basing and flagging of the Ostgota Kavalrie Regiment for my GNW Swedish army last evening. Both the figures and the flags are from Warfare Miniatures and their Great Northern War range of figures.

I used Citadel Scorched Grass static grass and The Army Painter tufts (Highland, Wasteland and Winter) on the bases. The ground was made using spackle compound, slathered over the base, and then dipped in a tub of fine railroad ballast. Once dry, I drybrush some light tan on the ballast before adding the tufts and the static grass. I use mostly the Highland tufts, which offset the static grass color nicely. The Wasteland tufts are dark green and provide some contrast. The Winter tufts are too light in color so I don't use much of those.

Warfare Miniatures figures and flags. 

Swedish Ostgota Regiment - Warfare Miniatures figures and flags.

Reinforcements have been ordered and are now making their way across the Pond.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Saxons Are Based Pix

Prinz Albrecht (left) and Graf Bruhl (right). click on all pictures to enlarge view.

Better view of the Graf Bruhl flag

Front view without the officer. All figures are Minden Prussians

Here they are with the basing completed.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Graf Bruhl Cheveaulegers

Saxon cheveauleger regiments Graf Bruhl (blue facings in foreground) and Prinz Albrecht (green facings in background). click all images to enlarge the view

Prinz Albrecht leibfahnen

Graf Bruhl ordinarefahnen.


Monday, September 28, 2015

Minden Saxon Cavalry Pix

Saxon regiment Prinz Karl Cheveaulegers (CL2) - click to enlarge the view.

This evening I completed the first of two squadrons that I plan to paint of the Prinz Karl Cheveauleger cavalry regiment in the Saxon army of the SYW. I used Minden Miniatures Prussian dragoons for the Saxons. I usually have two 12-figure squadrons comprising a cavalry regiment in my  organization, or 24 figures to a regiment. Some day I might up the total to three squadrons of 12-figures, or 36 figures. For now though, 24 figures is enough for me.

I decided to freehand paint the leibfahne colour for the regiment. I usually use a GMB Designs flag, but they do not make Saxon flags at the moment. Maverick Miniatures in the UK has Saxon flags and will size them for you to fit with any size of wargame figure. I used Dr. Stephen Summerfield's book on the Saxon army for my source of flag information and the Kronoskaf website for the uniform information.

Ground level view of the squadron with a good view of the flag.

The Graf Bruhl cheveaulegers are next on my painting table and I should have a squadron of them completed later this week.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Minden Saxon Cavalry

Minden Prussian Dragoons painted as Saxon Cheveaulegers

My goal is to paint enough Austrian and Prussian forces, including units already painted, to host a Battle of Kolin game at the next Seven Years War Association convention on March 30, 31 and April 1st in South Bend, Indiana. Christopher Dufffy will be the guest once again and he plans on giving a talk about the Battle of Kolin. So you can see how my mind is at work on this one.

The Austrian army at Kolin had a contingent of Saxon Cheveauleger cavalry (basically they are dragoons) posted in reserve on the right flank behind the Oak Wood. So I decided that I would need to have several Saxon units to play this role in the game.

After taking a look at the information on the Saxons at the Kronoskaf web site, I decided that the Minden Prussian Dragoons would be acceptable stand ins for Saxon cavalry. With this in mind, I painted three test figures to represent the Prinz Karl, Prinz Albrecht and Graf Bruhl cheveauleger regiments at Kolin.

Here is a picture drawn by Knotel:

Here are some close up pictures of the individual cavalry figures. I always paint one sample figure of any new unit before painting the whole regiment. I like the way that these Minden Saxons are turning out.

Prinz Karl Cheveauleger

Prinz Albrecht Cheveauleger
Graf Bruhl Cheveauleger

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Saxon Flags of the SYW

Saxon Infantry Flags painted by Mark Allen (click to enlarge)

I recently commissioned 4 sets of flags from Mark Allen for my nascent SYW Saxon project. Mark had previously painted a set of Saxon Leib-Grenadier-Garde regiment flags for me ( a set being comprised of the white Leibfahne and the colored Ordinarefahne). Mark is the gentleman who paints all of the flags that John Ray uses in his 28mm SYW armies, as seen in his book, "A Military Gentleman".

From left to right, starting with the top row: von Bruhl or Rochow regiment leibfahne and ordinarefahne; the Lubrinsky regiment leibfahne and ordinarefahne;

Bottom row, left to right: Prinz Maximilian leibfahne and ordinarefahne; and the Prinz Clemenz leibfahne and ordinarefahn.

In for a penny, in for a pound, I might as well add another brigade of four regiments to give me a total of 8 infantry regiments. For the cavalry, I will paint the three Saxon chive-leger regiments that escaped capture at Pirna with the rest of the Saxon army in 1756. The Prinz Albrecht, Prinz Clemenz and Graf Bruhl regiments had the good fortune to be stationed in Poland at the outbreak of the SYW, thus escaping the capitulation at Pirna.

I plan to use Minden Prussian musketeers with Swedish cuffs for the Saxon infantry and the Prussian dragoons for the Saxon Cheveau-leger cavalry regiments.