Thursday, July 12, 2018

My New Old School Word Processor

Royal typewriter, circa the 1930s.

Yesterday I received the 1930s era Royal typewriter that I purchased off of eBay several days ago. I eagerly unwrapped it, put a sheet of paper in the platen, and ripped off a few "the quick red fox..." lines to give it a test drive.

It took me less time than it took to type the two sentences above to recall that sometimes the Good Old Days are not as good as we remember them to be. Some of the keys require more fingertip pressure on them than other keys, so sometimes you will type some words and a few of the letters will look lighter or be completely missing when you are finished typing. We don't have such problems with modern word processors on our computers.

The machine has been restored and doesn't appear to have any mechanical issues. It also looks really really cool!

The front view of the typewriter, which displays nicely infront of a collection of 1930s detective novels.

I simply like the retro look of the Royal typewriter as shown in the close up view of the keyboard below.

Close up view of the keyboard. The key characters are enclosed in glass with nickel plated keys.

The Royal 1930 typewriter will probably be used only as a decorative display piece in my wargame room, but you never know. I might feel the urge, once in awhile, to break out some paper and click and clack off a few paragraphs.

I suppose that I could go back further than Old School and get a colonial printing press, but that is an entirely different hobby than what I am doing with my writing these days.

Fritz suppervises young Igor as he prepares the pages
for tomorrow's edition of the Der Alte Fritz Journal.

Readers eagerly look forward to reading the latest post on the Der Alte Fritz Journal.

Monday, July 9, 2018

East Prussian Infantry and Cavalry Regiments

Frederick grabs the colours of the IR46 von Bulow regiment at Zorndorf.

Here is a listing of all Prussian infantry and cavalry regiments that were from East Prussia. The "record" comments are taken from Christopher Duffy in "The Army of Frederick the Great". I am using this information in the construction and painting of my Pomeranian Corps of Prussian troops that largely fought in the eastern theater against the Russians.

IR2  von Kanitz
Station: Rastenburg (East Prussia)

Record: Unusually hard fighting regiment (especially for an East Prussian regiment) with consistently high casualties. One battalion captured at Maxen.

Grenadier battalion: with Garrison Regt. No. 2 Manstein, Nesse (1758), Natalis (1760)

IR4  Rautter (1757), Kleist (1758), Thadden (1761)
Station: Prussian Holland (East Prussia)

Record: Badly knocked about at Gross Jagersdorf and behaved badly at Zorndorf. One of its Chefs, Rautter, was disgraced for his performance at Zorndorf, while Thadden was known as a drunkard.

Grenadier battalion: with IR16: Polentz, Kleist (1757), Willemy (1758), Thielau (1762). Severe losses at Zorndorf. Captured after fighting bravely at Maxen.

IR11  Below, Rebentisch (1758)
Station: Koenigsberg

Record: Large numbers of Austrian and Russian prisoners were incorporated in the Seven Years War. The regiment did notably badly at Zorndorf, and at Maxen, where it broke up before being captured with the rest.

Grenadier battalion: with IR14: Gohr, Petersdorf (1757), Beyer (1759), Oppen (1760). A generally reliable battalion.

IR14  Lehwaldt
Station: Friedland and Bartenstein (East Prussia)

Record: Suffered heavily at Gross Jagersdorf and Kunersdorf, and lost one battalion at Maxen.

Grenadier battalion: served with IR11

IR16  Dohna, Syburg (1760)
Station: Koenigsberg

Record: Heavy losses at Zorndorf and Kunersdorf. A middling East Prussian regiment, disliked intensely by Frederick.

Standing Grenadier Battalion 4 (Koenigsbergisches Grenadier-Battalion)
Record: raised from grenadiers of Garrison 1 and Garrison 13

Garrison 1 Puttkamer
Station: based at Memel in East Prussia
Grenadier battalion: with Garrison 11: Langenau

Garrison 2 Sydow, Alt-Sydow (1759)
Station: based at Pillau in East Prussia
Record: heavy losses at Gross Jagersdorf. At Torgau and Freiburg

Garrison 11 Manteuffel, Mellin (1760)
Station: based in East Prussia
Record: heavy losses at Gross Jagersdorf. The component battalions captured at Landeshut (1760) and Colberg (1761).
Grenadier battalion: with Garrison 1, formed an independent battalion Bahr.

New Garrison Regiment 2 
Station: Koenigsburg
Record: raised in the 1740s and again in 1756. Disbanded in 1757.

East Prussia Land Militia Battalion  von Katrezinsky
Station: Memel and Pillau
Record: the battalion was initially posted on the border. It was no match for the Russian regular and irregular troops in direct confrontation so it was used mainly in ambushes along the Russian communication lines and raids on baggage trains. It also had to stop Cossack incursions. In one engagement, supporting 200 hussars, it managed to prevent a landing of 2,000 Russian troops at Schaaken in the Curonian Lagoon. In January 1758 the battalion was disbanded to prevent its capture by the Russian army.

Uniform: the Lithuanian companies it had a unique grey coat with no lapels or collar, but blue Prussian style cuffs. The coat resembles a sleeved waistcoat in the French or Russian style. Waistcoat and breeches were supplied by the indivual militia man. Gaitors were grey. Grey gaitors. Black tricorn without hat lace.

The Prussian and Polish companies had a blue coat, similar to the description of the Lithuanian companies. Individual companies had different cuff colors.

Freibattalione - none are recorded as raised in East Prussia

Cavalry Regiments

Charge of the Black Hussars at Gross Jagersdorf - by Carl Rochling

DR6 Schorlemer, Meier (1760) - 10 Squadrons strong
Station: East Prussia

Record: The "Porzellan Regiment" taken from Saxon service in 1717. Heavily engaged at Zorndorf and Kunersdorf

DR7  Plettenberg
Station: East Prussia

Record: Highly distinguished at Zorndorf

DR8 Platen, Alt-Platen (1758)
Station: East Prussia

Record: distinguished at Gross Jagersdorf and Zorndorf.

DR9  Holstein-Gottorp, Pomeisske (1761)
Station: East Prussia

Record: lightly engaged until 1761, when destroyed in the campaign around Colberg.

DR10  Finck
Station: East Prussia

Record: at Gross Jagersdorf. In western Germany 1758-59 with Prinz Ferdinand's army, where it fought at Minden. Highly esteemed by Frederick.

HR5 (Black Hussars) Reusch, Lossow (1760)
Station: various, but recruited from East Prussia.

Record: renowned for the wealth of its officers and the ferocity of its hussars. Three squadrons distinguished in western Germany in Prinz Ferdinand' army.

HR7 (Second, formerly HR8 Gelbe Hussaren) Malachowsky
Station: varioius, but recruited from East Prussia.

Record: Distinguished at Zorndorf, lost six squadrons at Landshut. After peace it took the number of the disbanded HR7. Frederick specifically exempted it from criticism.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

von Kanitz Musketeer Regiment

IR2 - von Kanitz musketeer regiment. Minden Miniatures and GMB Designs flags.

I have finished painting and basing the first battalion of the Prussian von Kanitz (IR2) musketeer regiment in Prussian service. The regiment will be part of my Pomeranian Corps army that will fight the Russians in tabletop battles. I am starting work on the second battalion today and should have it finished within a week's time.

The figures are Minden Miniatures Prussian musketeers with Prussian cuffs.

A close up photo of the command stand and some rank and file soldiers.

Frederick the Great had a very low opinion of the East Prussian regiments in his army, however, he considered the von Kanitz regiment as one of the better fighting units in his army. However, the regiment was rather unlucky, suffering high losses in a number of battles against the Russians.

You can learn more about the regiment by clicking on the link below, which takes you to the Kronoskaf web site

The regiment fought in Lehwald's army at Gross Jagersdorf and suffered heavy losses. It also fought at Zorndorf, Paltzig and finally at Kunersdorf. The Kunersdorf losses were so great that the regiment was reduced to a single battalion. Since the regiment's recruiting grounds in East Prussia were occupied by the Russian army, the von Kanitz regiment could not replenish its losses after Kunersdorf.

The battalion was then captured by the Austrians at Meissen, where it was part of Diericke's small force that got stranded on the wrong side of the Elbe River. With nowhere to retreat, the whole command surrendered. The regiment was reraised in 1760 with unfortunates who were press-ganged into the Prussian army.


Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The Great $5 Book Sale


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