Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The Great $5 Book Sale


Der Alte Fritz needs to cull some books (62 in all) from his personal library to save space and is offering nearly everything for a rock bottom price of $5.00 per book. There are a couple of items that are so good that I am pricing them at $10.00 per book.

The total lot of 62 books prices out around $310.00 plus applicable postage so if anyone was interested in buying everything at once, then I'd offer the lot at $200.00 plus applicable shipping.

Contact me by e-mail at:  altefritz1740@yahoo.com

First come, first serve on all titles, so act fast if you see something that you like. I have placed an asterix next to the book titles that I think are very well written-presented

Seven Years War & Other 18th Century Books (all $5.00 each)

The Coward of Minden   - Piers Mackesy (1979)SOLD
Frederick the Great   - Pierre Gaxotte (1941)
Prince of Europe, The Life of Charles-Joseph de Ligne   - Philip Mansel (2003) SOLD
Warfare in the Eighteenth Centruy   - Jeremy Black (1999)
*The French Army Before Napoleon  - Spencer Wilkinson (1915) SOLD
Roots of Conflict - British Armed Forces & Colonial America   - Douglas Lead (1986) SOLD
The Art of Warfare on Land    - David Chandler (1974) SOLD
The Revolutionary War   - Gail Stewart (1991)
Frie's Rebellion  - Paul Douglas Newman (2004)
Battlefields of Britain  - David Smurthwaite (1991)

Napoleonic Era
Regiments of Waterloo (Almark)  - Rene North (1977) SOLD
Borodino (Knight's Battles for Wargamers series)  - Peter Young (1971) SOLD
The Years of Napoleon (Almark)  - Hunt & Embleton (1972) SOLD
Flags and Standards of the Napoleonic Wars - Keith Over (1976)
*The Armies of 1812  - Otto von Pivka (1977) SOLD
The Causes of the War of 1812 (in America)  - Bradford Perkins (1962)
*L'Armee Francaise 1790 - 1865  - Edouard Detaille (1992) SOLD
Napoleon - The Last Campaigns  - James Lawford (1977) SOLD
Napoleon's Military Machine  - Philip Haythornthwaite (1988) SOLD
Wellington's Military Machine  - Philip Haythornthwaite (1989) SOLD
*Hougoumont  - Julian Paget (1992) SOLD
The Rise of General Bonaparte  - Spencer Wilkinson (1930 reprint 1952) SOLD
The Napoleonic Wars  - Michael Glover (1979)
Napoleon's Enemies  - Richard Warner (1977) SOLD
Austerlitz   - Claude Manceron (1966)
Waterloo New Perspectives - David Hamilton-Williams (1993)
Napoleon 1812  - Nigel Nicolson (1985)
*Napoleon's Grand Army 1813  - Scot Bowden (1990) SOLD
With Moore at Corunna  - G.A. Henty (date?)
Napoleon's Art of War (Maxims) - Napoleon (1995)
*1815 Armies of Waterloo  - Ugo Percoli (1979) SOLD
Discovering Famous Battles , The Peninsular War  - RJ Wilkinson (date?)

American Civil War
The Civil War Source Book  - Philip Katcher (1992)
Chicago Battery Boys, Chicago Mercantile Battery  - Richard Barclay Williams (2007)
  (includes Ed Bearss autograph) SOLD
*Don Troiani's Civil War - Don Troiani & Brian Pohanka (1995) SOLD

ECW & 17th Century
Killiecrankie 1689  - Stuart Reid (1989) SOLD
Scots Armies of the 17th Century (date ?) SOLD
The English Civil War (Almark)  - Potter & Embleton (1973) SOLD

General Topics
*Firepower   - B.P. Hughes (1974)
Great Battles of Military History  - Cyril Falls (1964)  - includes Fontenoy, Rossbach, Poltava
The Armies of the First Schleswig Holstein War 1848 - 1851   - Ralph Weaver (2007) SOLD
*Simken's Uniforms of the British Army - Cavalry  (1982) SOLD
*Simken's Uniforms of the British Army - Infantry  (1982) SOLD
British Infantry Uniforms since 1688  - Michael Barthorp (1982)

$10 Bargain Book
*The War in Mexico - Tony Adams (1998) - SOLD 

Osprey Books
The Indian Mutiny (#67)  - Christopher Wilkinson-Latham (1977)
Scots Armies of the ECW  - Stuart Reid (1999)
Louis XIV's Army  - Rene Chartrand (1986) SOLD
Marlborough's Army - Michael Barthorp (1980) SOLD
The American War 1812-1815  - Philip Katcher (1990) SOLD
*The Jacobite Army 1745-1746 (Elite series)  - Stuart Reid (2006) SOLD
Soldiers of the English Civil War (Elite series) - Infantry, 2 copies available,  - Keith Roberts
Soldier of the English Civil War (Elite series) - Cavalry, 2 copies available, - John Tincey

Matchlock Musketeers (Warrior series) 1588-1688   - Keith Roberts (2002) SOLD
Ironsidees ECW Cavalry (Warrior series) 1588-1688  - John Tincey (2002) SOLD

Osprey Campaign Series
Marston Moor 1644  - John Tincey (2003) SOLD
First Newbury 1643  - John Tincey (2003)
Auldearn 1645  - Stuart Reid (2003) SOLD
Dunbar 1650  - Stuart Reid (2003)

The English Civil Wars (Essential Histories series)  - Peter Gaunt (2003)
*Normandy 1944 - Stephen Badsey (1990)



  1. Every gamer needs to cull the collection now and again and if you can make a bit of cash in the process its a win win.

  2. Hi Lee: it's as much about saving space/creating new space on the book shelves. I consider the books to be a sunk cost so anything that I get for them is a bonus. 😀

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