Saturday, June 30, 2018

Manstein Grenadiers (2/G-II) Enter Prussian Service

Manstein Grenadier Battalion (2/G-II) in Prussian service. All figures are Minden Miniatures.


A couple of days ago I finished the second half of the Manstein Grenadier Battalion by painting 16 of the grenadiers from the Garrison II regiment, which makes up half of the battalion. The grenadiers from the Kanitz Regiment (IR2) make up the other half of the regiment.

Here are the finished grenadiers from G-II. Note that they have the wider Swedish cuffs and white facings and small clothes to distinguish them from the von Kanitz grenadiers:

Two grenadier companies from the Garrison Regiment Number 2.

And here are the previously painted grenadiers from the von Kanitz musketeer regiment, No. 2, which I painted the week before my trip to the UK last week. The von Kanitz grenadiers wear the tighter Prussian style cuffs and have red facings and straw colored small clothes.

Two grenadier companies from the von Kanitz Musketeer Regiment No. 2

Prussian grenadier battalions generally converged the two grenadier companies of one regiment with two grenadier companies of another regiment in the army. So the designation "2/G-II" for the Manstein grenadiers indicates that two of the companies are from IR2 - von Kanitz while two more companies are from the second Garrison Regiment (or G-II). Together the four companies comprise one permanent grenadier organization for the duration of the war.

So you put the two components together and you end up with one full battalion of grenadiers. Grenadiers were always in single battalion organization compared to the two-battalion organization of all Prussian musketeer and fusilier infantry regiments.

I now have six infantry battalions in my Prussian Pomeranian Corps (4 fusiliers, 1 garrison, 1 grenadier battalion) which is half-way towards my goal of having 12 infantry battalions in the Pomeranian Corps. I can paint a full 32-figure battalion in little under a week's time, so I should have this project completed by the end of August, provided I don't burn out on the painting.

Once I finish two more Prussian battalions and raise the total to 8 battalions, I think that I will stage a refight of the Battle of Gross Jagersdorf (August 30,, 1757) either sooner or on the anniversary day of the battle at the end of August.

Next up in the painting queue is the von Kanitz Musketeer Regiment (IR2). I have 16 of the 32 figures finished for the first battalion as of today and I hope to have the first battalion finished by Monday.


  1. Grand! Very grand. Happy you had an enjoyable time in the U.K, but missed your painting updates in the meantime. The new basing scheme looks really good here.

    Best Regards,


  2. High quality paint job, they look wonderful!

  3. Quality unit Jim, well done. Pity they are dastardly Prussians.