Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's Quiet. Almost Too Quiet!

The Regulators and that mysterious Black Coach. Black Scorpion Pirates and Marines painted as Lady de Winter's personal body guard of naer-do-wells. The coach and four are from Redoubt Miniatures (ECW range) and a couple of Stadden Black Hussars are checking things out. Coach driver is a one-off special made for me by the very talented John Ray. Click to enlarge... if you dare.

Come on, you just know that these bad boys are going to be showing up fairly soon. They are starting to get a bit annoyed about that little trollope and murderess, Diana Pettygree, traipsing about western Germany on one extended lark with her coterie of ditzy little girl friends. They seem to be totally oblivious to the fact that there has been a major war going on for the past six years.

The Regulators intend to remind Miss Pettygree that life is not all seashells and balloons when there is a war going on. Stay tuned, something BIG is about to happen.

Today's random picture from the past reminded me that I have to increase the size of the Black Legion of Milady de Winter. I bought a couple of packets of Black Scorpion 18th Century Marines a few years ago with the idea of adding another company or two or Regulators (12-15 bad guys to a company). I also have another squadron of Crusader Bosniaks that need to be painted to boost that unit up to two squadrons. We cannot have Milady's guard du corps being outnumbered by the opposition now, can we?

I also thought about finally painting the Martin Hille 30mm Prussians that I bought back in 2005 and adding them as a grenadier guard for Milady. They will have the usual black & red garb, but I might put them in reverse colors and give them red coats, black facings and straw breeches and waistcoats.

Milady will also desire to add some 6-pound horse artillery to her little Black Legion. Word has it that those Frenchies are "on to her" so a little more protection might stand Herself in good stead.

Milady is very unhappy about recent events and attempts to kidnap Miss Pettygree. Someone is tipping off the French about her every move. Someone is going to pay with his or her life, I suspect. The fate of the unfortunate servant, Miss Catherine, will be revealed shortly. As you might recall, she was captured last year during a raid that almost nabbed the pesky Pettygree. It is not a very happy outcome, that is all that I can say for now.

See you tomorrow.

Oh, and be sure to lock your doors and windows tonight - the Regulators are on the prowl.


  1. Looking eagerly forward to enjoy more!

    If the Eureka 100 'Imagination female troops' materialize, maybe Milady de Winter will add a reliable element of devoted women to her Legion?

  2. The coach looks awesome, infact so do all the figures!!!

  3. Very nice figures and cogitations about a possible plot to thrust them into.

  4. Nicely photographed!

    Well done as usual!

  5. Arrr! They be land pirates of the scurviest sort! Hand crafted in the best way, sez I.
    (Keep up the good work! BTW, you've inspired my wife to want to paint a teddy bear guard!)

  6. A most Merry Christmas to you, sir. And a wonderful New Year filled with toys and memorable games.

    -- Jeff

  7. I love these figs. Nice use of minis from various sources.


  8. Grenadiers in reversed coats would look great!
    Was not a troop of dragoons also planned, initially?

  9. If Lady Silhouette fields a troops of mounted Hussarettes, Lieutenant Général Chevert will be able to dismount them; while Milady de Winter cannot dismount her Bosniaks. Dragoons, on the other hand, as yourself demonstrated... :)

    Milady de Winter's Schwarze Legion cannot be weaker than the Fischer's!

  10. I can always use the Black Hussars in the Legion, doing double duty in both the HS army and in the Black Legion. I have dismounted black hussars.

  11. That's not funny :)
    Best wishes,

  12. A year ago you wrote:
    "Milady de Winter continues to seek Lady Diana Pettygree, who holds the key to the former seeing her son again one day.

    There are some other "family" surprises that will be revealed about the de Winter family in due course. One will be a shocker!"

    Looking eagerly forward to learn at least a little more!
    I'd like to know if my hypothesis having Milady de Winter (theoretically an independent free-lancer) blackmailed into 'preferential service' by a given German Ruler holding her son as hostage is validated or refuted...

  13. Milady de Winter's distressful situation is alluded to in the very first document mentioning her in the records of the War of the Saxon Duchies; precious archives known by (too) few people. As I'm sure few know of lovely Schloss Edelweiss -for some reason I imagine it not far from Berchtesgaden -was there a small lake close to the location of the later Berghof in the 18th C.? With a devoted butler / stewart to administrate it when Milady is traveling around Europe; reminding of Batman? Why not? Maybe Milady de Winter is a kind of 'Dark She-Knight'? She displays extreme cruelty against people having failed her in a mission that *could* have led to the liberation of her son, like a tigress defending her kittens... A 'chaotic neutral' character forced into a 'lawful evil' allegiance?