Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holiday Greetings from Hesse Seewald

Der Alte Fritz, Mrs. Fritz and their staff wish you a happy holiday season.

The temperature is approaching 50 degrees Fahrenheit today, so it is as if we are having two Novembers this year and one less month of Winter. For that I am very grateful.

I just needed an excuse to post one of my favorite pictures from the vault, so there it is. It reminds me that I will need to get back to painting some new SYW units for our BAR games.

1 x 12 squadron of Black Hussars
5 x 12 Battalion of IR13 Itzenplitz (using Potsdam Figures)
1 x 15 Lieb Garde (using Stadden grenadiers)

And I might even treat myself to the purchase of 60 more Prussian Staddens marching to form a new battalion.

I am currently working on the last two 6-figure stands of AWI British light infantry and then I will train my guns on some more Continentals (Delaware and Maryland brigade)


  1. I hope your and yours have a very good new year!

  2. Love the photo...
    A Happy New Year to you and yours from all at the Duchy of Tradgardland!

  3. A lovely pic - Happy New Year.

    Your productivity never fails to appal me.