Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gremlins - They're Everywhere Rico!

Technology seems to have my number today. I still can't get my scanner to work, I guess that the software when "kablewee!" and it shuts down everytime I try to start it up.

Then on top of that, I had set up a photo shoot of my newest AWI Continental regiment, turned on the camera, and then the camera automatically shut off because the battery was too low. So while I sit at my computer this evening, trying to squeeze in today's blog report before midnight, the battery is still recharging, so no pictures today.

We went to the Christmas Pageant at church today and it was fun watching all of the little children dressed up like angels, animals, shepherds, etc. Everyone in the congregation sang Christmas songs in between the telling of the Christmas story through scripture. After that, we high tailed it 90 miles to the west to visit the dog breeder that we are working with to secure our next generation of hounds. There are some real cuties in the current litter, but we have a dog, maybe two, reserved for the next litter that will be available in March 2012. We got to meet the bitch (haven't you always wanted to say that without getting into trouble?) who will produce our pup(s) in March. She looks very bright, alert and intelligent and very loving to boot. We are happy with our choice, especially Lady Emma. She and I are working on Mrs. Fritz to give us the OK to get two dogs. Lady Emma will get to name the female (she seems to have settled on the name Angel) and Mrs. Fritz and I will name the male. Herself immediately ruled out military names such as Napoleon, Wellington, Wellsley, Picton and Fritz.

Mrs. Fritz just came into the office to see what I was up to and after reading this, she said,

"I think that I want to go with Chester."

It sounds like her resistance is weakening. Hehehe.

A little while ago, I pulled some Fife & Drum figures from inventory and started sorting them out to create a couple of new militia regiments and another regiment of Continentals. I like to set them up on the wooden bases so that I can see how the various poses will look together. Then when I have the look that I'm looking for, I take out a pad of paper and sketch a diagram of each base so that I will remember which figures go onto which base once they are all painted and ready to go.

My next unit on the painting table is 40 AWI British Guards. My goal is to get them completed by next Saturday. It will be a tight schedule, but I think that I can pull it off in good style.

See you tomorrow, as I continue "The Twenty Blogs of Christmas". My camera will be recharged so I should have some AWI pictures to post. I promise.


  1. Keep working on the Missus....I got to name my rabbit William for W.T. Sherman, or the Conquerer, whichever you prefer....

    I thought it was hilarious; here the bunny was the most cuddly and loving animal I think I've ever owned, and he's named after the father of modern warfare....

    I look forward to seeing the photos of the AWI guys.

    A quick question: Did you do a comparison photo of the F&D compared to Perry and/or Foundry? I was just curious, as I am thinking of adding some of your miniis to my AWI armies.

    All the best,

  2. Watched mel Gibson in The Patriot last night. Thoughts of your miniature line began parading through my mind's eye....

    Press on, enjoy seeing the AWI armies take shape.


  3. Wishing you all a very Merry and peaceful Christmas.

    Chester you say?

    As in Chesterton?

  4. My father has had a series of dogs with politicians names which span the UK spectrum - Stansgate(as in Lord Stansgate which was tony Benns tile before he renounced it), Enoch (as in Enoch Powell - this caused the most discussion) and Prescott (as in John Prescott, tony blairs deputy). Thankfully he was divorced so my mother did not have any say in the matter.


  5. If you name the dog Chester, you can always say that he was named for Admiral Nimitz.