Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lady Emma Cuddleston-Smythe

Lady Emma, Herself, in 2008.

Here is another random photograph from my collection, showing Lady Emma Cuddleston-Smythe in grenadier kit. She is undoubtedly pleased with having defeated Lord Paddington Bear (Daddy) for the umpteenth time. She might have a future at West Point or Sandhurst one day.

I did not get much done on the painting table this evening, other than block in the blue facings on the AWI British Guards - I have 8 more figures remaining in a unit of 40 figures. These are relatively easier to paint than the Continentals as they have less equipment. These guys are built to travel fast and light.

I also glued some Light Bobs to card board bases in preparation for priming them with grey primer. I always use grey primer for red coats as white results in too bright a color for any warm color. Grey seems to be just right. Then I sprayed 45 of the little fellows just before retiring for the evening. I want to build up an inventory of primed AWI figures to paint over the Christmas holiday. I have the next 12 days off after tomorrow, so hopefully I can really churn out some figures over the period. I would like to finish, say, 40 British Light infantry, 20-24 American Militia, and a converged brigade of Delaware and Maryland troops for a 36 figure brigade.


  1. Great photo of a very happy little grenadier!

    You've set yourself quite a goal for the hoiday vacation! I look forward to viewing the photos!


  2. Good to see you have your "painting mojo workin' "
    enjoy your holidays!