Friday, December 2, 2011

The Game's Afoot! Kleine Krieg Tomorrow.

The Regulators will be searching for Lady Pettygree tomorrow!

Tomorrow morning I will be traveling to Brown Deer for our Fourth Annual Light Troop Game at Chez Protz. This year's event features three games: Russians in Persia, French & Indian War, and Lady de Winter's perpetual attempt to capture Lady Diana Pettygree.

Apparently, Lady Pettygree and her gaggle of ditzy friends are flouncing about the countryside looking for places to have a picnic. As usual, she has an escort that is armed to the teeth. All of this makes her suspect in the eyes of the dark overlord back in Brandenburg. I mean, why is an English woman cavorting all over western Germany, at will, with a large bodyguard of French troops?

She must be a spy. In fact, there are rumors that she killed the Duke of Saxe Gotha whilst they were taking a romantic stroll through the Gotha-wald on a warm summer day. The poor Duke somehow took a tumble into the Trummelbach Gorge. Lady Pettygree was nowhere to be seen.

Ever since, it has been the mission of a certain lady who travels in a black coach to find and apprehend that little scamp, Lady Pettygree. And who exactly is it that travels in the black coach?

Why none other than:

Lady de Winter, the Black Rider, and the Regulators.

Come back tomorrow for a report on the day's events. Mwwhahahahahaha!


  1. Hi Fritz,

    The Raubenstadt Intelligence Section, aka "Von Mack The Knife", will be anxiously awaiting the report!

    Have fun storming the castle!


  2. Hmm, I might have to bring von Mack to the game with me. He he he he.

  3. Beautiful looking figures and intriguing story line - looking forward to hearing more on this.

  4. Looking so eagerly forward to enjoy the game report!

    Then... where are the Lancers?
    Who stopped the cavalry?

  5. Who is the coach by please?
    Cracking story and inspiring blog,

  6. Ah, the long avaited return of Lady de Winter!
    As always I look forward to read more about her acts of misadventure.

  7. Those regulators look mean, looking forward to the game report

    -- Allan