Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pennsylvania Battalions vs. Regts. of the Line?

Fife & Drum Continentals painted as one of the Regiments of the Pennsylvania Line, circa 1777 (at least I think that they are). Click to enlarge the picture s'il vous plait. Fences by Herb Gundt.

I'm looking at my copy of Lefferts' "Uniforms of the War of the American Revolution" to identify regiments of Pennsylvania regiments to paint (using my Fife & Drum figures of course – see above) and I'm wondering what is the difference between:
1) Pennsylvania Battalions (numbered 1 through 6)
2) Pennsylvania State Regiment of Foot (only 1 of these)
3) Regiments of the Pennsylvania Line (numbered 1 through 13)

The Pennsylvania Battalions seem to have been formed in 1776 and were in Continental service. The State Regiment is obviously in State service. I'm inferring that there was some kind of reorganization of all units into new Pennsylvania Regiments of Line in Continental service. Am I on the right track?
So far, I've been using the Mollo book on American Revolution uniforms as my painting guide, but I'm not sure about the veracity of his information though. Lefferts almost gives you too much information (uniforms by the company within a regiment - highly variable). I guess that the point is that the uniforms were not, well, "uniform" within the same regiment.

Recipe for recreating the Continental Regiment shown above - mixing militia and Continentals in the same unit.

The figures used in the regiment pictured above include the following (stands numbered from left to right #1-#5) the numbering within each stand starts with the back row and then the front row

STAND #! (left side of the line)
A23 Continental NCO
A24 Continental Standing Firing
A26 Continental ramming musket
A6 Militia kneeling firing in hat
A5 Militia standing firing in hat

A26 Continental with ram rod
A4 Militia standing firing - hat
A4 (same)
A27 Continental cocking his musket (this is a very versatile pose - I use him in the front and second rank)
A6 Militia kneeling firing- hat

STAND #3 (command stand with flag)
A25 Continental at the ready
A3 Militia advancing - tricorn
A20 Continental officer
A21 Continental standard bearer
A22 Continental drummer

A26 Continental with ram rod
A25 Continental at the ready
A4 Militia standing firing - tricorn
A27 Continental cocking musket
A6 Militia kneeling firing - hat

STAND #5 (right hand side of the line)
A4 Militia standing firing - tricorn
A25 Continental at the ready
A4 Militia standing firing - tricorn
A6 Militia kneeling firing - hat
A1 Militia officer holding sword in both hands

AC1 Mounted Brigadier General pointing
A1 Militia officer standing, holding sword in both hands (he works equally well as a Continental or Militia officer)


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  1. Like the idea of listing the 'stand contents". This should make ordering easier.
    Do you, have you considered offering a small line of terrain items to go along with the figures?