Monday, December 19, 2011

We Have Always Governed Ourselves

I picked up this paperback booklet, by Greg Novak, sometime around 1992 when I was painting my first AWI armies using the very nice Old Glory 28mm figures. This is probably the best source for information about the orders of battle for all of the actions in the Northern Theatre of the American Revolutionary War.

Novak covers each year of the war, starting with the state of the American and British forces, their location/base and their unit strength. From there, he provides orders of battle and regimental strengths for each battle in the North (which I define as from Pennsylvania to all points north of there).

I think that I recall seeing an advertisement that Old Glory has reprinted this book, and the companion work covering the Southern Theatre, with a nice color cover and more up to date fonts that make for an easier read.

If you are starting to research and game the American Revolution (and why wouldn't you now that those wonderful Fife & Drum figures are available), then this is a "must have" book for your library.

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