Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Case of the Mysterious No. 181

For the past several days, I've noticed something kind of funny going on with the "Followers" gadget that you see in the upper left corner of my blog. It seems that every other day, the number of Followers changes from 180 to 181 and then back to 180 and then up to 181...

So my message to Mysterious Follower Number 181, please feel free to drop in from time to time and see what is going on. I'll keep the back door open and the light on. :)

Last night, or actually early this morning, I stayed up to nearly 3AM working on my next regiment of Continentals (blue coated firing line). I put on a few Christmas CDs and nursed a Diet Lime Coke through the early morning hours while I painted. I nearly completed the unit, save for some black and flesh highlighting and a dab of gold paint on a couple of the officer figures, but then an ounce of common sense kicked in and I tumbled off to bed (probably around the same time that Stokes was waking up over at Stollen Central, according to his blog entry for today).

I completed the Continentals and just finished applying the spackle and fine grit to the bases. After the spackle dries, I will then apply a coat of dark ink, let the ink dry, and then dry brush some light flesh over the dark bases. Flesh color really looks good when used for ground effects. Try and see if you like it. I hope to have a picture of the Continental firing line up later this evening, around midnight Chicago time.

I'm off to the store to pick up a trunk full of fire wood. It is darn cold at 20F degrees and we will want to have a nice warm fire tonight.

Tomorrow, we visit a breeder to look at their current litter of Golden Retriever pups, just for fun. We still plan to get a pup or two in the Spring. Dave and I took a nice walk a little while ago. I just let him lead the way and gave him all the time he wanted for sniffing at scents and what have you. Mrs. Fritz is cooking him some chicken and veggies for dinner tonight.


  1. A new fantasy of Blogger: for a few days now, when I add a blog to the list I follow, it remains listed only for a short time, then disappears.
    And blogs I stop following stay on the list (or reappear quickly, I don't know).

    Belated but most sincere condolences for the loss of Dave. I have a dog too, and even if sometimes I affectionately call him 'Brown Jenkin' or 'Sumatran Rat-monkey' (he is a Border Terrier), I perfectly understand how you can feel. All my sympathy, specially, I guess, to Lady Emma.


  2. Oooo, a fire! That sounds like a lovely evening.

    Best Regards,


  3. I've encountered the phantom follower syndrome before. I always chocked it up to people momentarily shifting from anonymous followers to following publicly under an ID.

  4. I wonder if Follower Number 181 is related to Clothing Inspector Number 23?

  5. I always used to paint late at night. I enjoyed the quiet. But I'd often get to the last few bits on a unit and think 'Yes, I can finish these tonight!', look at the clock (maybe 1am) and think. 'Another hour at most..'.
    Then I'd crack on, be almost finished, check the clock, and it would be something stupid like 5.30am!
    I just go to bed at 1 now. Much better for me!
    My daughter is desperate for dog and we may finally give in next year. Retrievers will be high on the list!
    All the best

  6. PS: regarding the 'ghost follower', the last two blogs I added to my list keep disappearing after a little time. then when I open them and click on 'follow' I am informed that I'm already following them, and indeed when I reload my dqhboard they (re)appear!

    Since Hesse-Seewald was just mentioned elsewhere, what about your 'Alt Hesse-Seewald' project, with its infantry in green coats [not to mention the war balloon reportedly being built there :) ]?
    {As I understand it, the 'Hesse-Seewald' <=> Prussia = 'Gross Hesse-Seewald' by opposition to the far smaller, independent 'Alt Hesse-Seewald'?}

  7. Jean-Louie: the Green Hesse Seewald project is on long term hold, as are the hot air balloons, until I can get a pair of AWI armies built to promote the Fife & Drum range. Then, I want to finish my Minden SYW project.