Thursday, December 31, 2009

SYW BAR Battalions For Sale

Stadden 30mm Prussian regiments IR7 Bevern (front) and IR13 Itzenplitz (rear)

I am offering six of the core battalions in my Seven Years War Batailles de l'Ancien Regime (or "BAR") infantry battalions for sale. Each unit contains sixty figures painted by Der Alte Fritz Himself and is ready for immediate transfer to your own army. Each battalion is a Prussian unit that fought in the SYW, although one could easily use them for fictional Imaginations' armies. Flags are either GMB Designs flags, or in the case of the two Stadden units, they are hand painted on a cast lead flag that is a part of the standard bearer figure.

The price per battalion is $500.00 plus shipping costs with a 10% discount for the purchase of two or more units from the collection.

If you are interested in acquiring any or all of these fine 28mm/30mm wargame units, then leave your contact information either in the comment section of this posting or send me an e-mail at for more information.

Stadden Group:
The two Stadden figure battalions are IR7 Bevern, in a classic march attack pose, and IR13 Itzenplitz, in a firing pose. Both battalions have served me well in my SYW campaigns, particularly the Itzenplitz regiment, which has earned an "elite" rating due to its prowess on the table top. The two regiments are depicted in the picture at the top of this page.

RSM Group
The two RSM battalions are fusilier regiments IR35 Prinz Heinrich and IR42 Markgraf Friedrich. IR35 has GMB flags while IR42 has the lead flag cast as part of the standard bearer casting and thus is hand painted by me.

IR35 Prinz Heinrich (RSM figures) fusilier regiment.

IR42 Markgraf Friedrich (front) and IR35 Prinz Heinrich (rear), both are RSM figures with a few Stadden NCOs mixed into IR42.

Elite Miniatures Group

Heyden Grenadier Battalion (19/25) - Elite Miniatures
The Heyden Grenadier battalion consists of two grand divisions of grenadiers from IR19 (straw yellow breeches and waistcoat) and two grand divisions from IR25 (white breeches and waistcoat). Thus there are 30 figures from each regiment in this converged grenadier battalion. Grenadier battalions did not carry colours/flags into the field.

IR25 Kalckstein musketeer regiment (Elite Miniatures)
These figures are in the newer "march attack" pose that Elite Miniatures added a year or two ago and carry GMB flags into battle. Its grenadier companies are included with the Heyden Grenadier battalion, show further above.


  1. Happy New year to you Jim and all your blog followers. Have you had a good think about this? Those are mighty fine looking units to be letting go.

  2. I suspect the Der Alte has a plan - I'm far more interested in knowing that..! :o)))

  3. Wow, those are some beautiful regiments.

  4. Alas, I'll never be able to plop that much down in one go!
    And those are truly lovely units.
    The very fact that you're selling them, however, alarms me.
    Are you getting out of our Lace Wars? Who will run Hesse Seewald and Germania and all?
    How will Bill's weekend manage to keep huge armies in the room?

  5. I still maintain my confidence that this is not a sign of any forthcoming tectonic shift from Herr Fritz. Perhaps just a trimming of the fat, or per chance these were some of his first painted units. I cannot imagine selling off part of the collection, but if one has an entire basement full that perspective may be different. My guess is that all is well.

  6. Wouldn't that be a "Teutonic Shift"?


  7. Morning Jim,

    Can it be? Why on earth are you offering these lovelies for sale? ON another note, where can I find more information on the uniforms worn by the Von Kleist Freikorps troops? Thanks for your input.

    Best Regards,


  8. Stokes: click on the Deutsche Uniform link on the left hand side of my blog and search for freikorps

    or cut and paste the above link.

    Do you have a copy of the Hans Bleckwenn books? They have everything that you would need with regard to any Prussian unit.

  9. Here is a picture of the husaren:

    Here is a picture of the Grune Kroaten and horse dragoon:

    All found via Google-fu

  10. checking a page over, I find that there is a Hoboist for the artillery ... now there's a position for which I'd have ample experience!