Friday, December 4, 2009

Bosniaks Are Based

Completed squadron of Bosniaks from Crusader Miniatures. (click pix to enlarge)

I completed the basing of the squadron of Bosniak lancers in the service of Milady de Winter last evening, and on a whim, I decided to add some lance pennons to give them a more finished appearance. I used some GMB Designs lance pennons for the Napoleonic Dutch Lancers of the Guard, but altered them by painting the white half of the pennon black. I thought that the black and red coloring was more in keeping with the de Winter livery of the same colors, plus the color scheme mimics the actual patter used by the Bosniaks during the SYW (sans the FR royal cypher - I kept my pennons plain).

I also completed three more von Kliest dismounted horse grenadiers to use in our light troop game tomorrow, in case the commander of the von Kliest Frei Korps wants to employ his cavalry in the dismounted fashion. That is up to him, of course.

A slightly blurry picture of the dreaded von Kliest dismounted horse grenadiers. It was a pain to paint these figures and I had to force myself to complete them. I nearly lost my will to live while I was forcing myself to paint the von Kliest figures. Now I won't have to look at them for another year, after tomorrow's game.

Dismounted Foundry Black Hussars in the foreground and Foundry von Kliest figures in the background. The Evil Colonel Bauer commands the de Winter Black Legion of cavalry, infantry, pirates, and eventually, a battery of horse artillery. Bauer is from Foundry's Highwaymen range of figures.

Well, I'm off to the basement to start packing up the figures that I have to transport up to Brown Deer tomorrow for the game. Bill Protz has designed an interesting scenario and I am looking forward to seeing how things turn out. Will Milady de Winter finally capture her nemesis, Lady Diana Pettygree? Stay tuned tomorrow to find out and see for yourself.

I am rather surprised that nobody caught my comment about the commencement of the Minden Project, shortly. Feel free to post any comments or questions by clicking on the comment tab below.


  1. Great figures Jim! I am sure it will be a great game too...

  2. So true and the lancers look specially good (the spital around the lance: an impressive achievement).
    Looking so eagerly forward for the After Action Report!

  3. I do like those lancers. The leatherwork comes right off the horses. Very nice.


  4. Wow - some very nice lancers. This is just the kind of stuff, that makes it very hard to resisit begging my own SYW collection (but so many other projects...)

  5. Hi Jim,

    So, tell us a bit more about the Minden project. The battle? What figures do you intend to use? By the way, those Bosniaks are top-notch. Darn it! Now, I'll have to add 30 of those to my own collection at some point.

    Best Regards,


  6. Jim,

    One more thing. How do those Crusader Bosniaks compare in size to RSM cavalry figures?



  7. Your Bosniaks look splendid . . . and the lance pennons look great, they really finish off the figures.

    Enjoy your game.

    -- Jeff

  8. I agree, those Bosniacs are the business! Must add a regiment of lancers to my own collection one of these days. I'm thinking of converting the Holger Eriksson cavalry standard bearers to the purpose.

  9. As usual, looking forward enviously to the after action report and pictures!
    Minden Project?
    I dimly remember your mention of getting ready to paint some Minden figures ... but I didn't hit in my scroll down (blame my sinus impaired eyesight) ... and forget which figures you have ready to go ...
    I LOVE the few I've got!

  10. Love the Bosniaks; the lances must have been a tricky paint job

    -- Allan