Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Year End Musings

I finished six more French 1806 foot artillery crew figures earlier in the afternoon and this brought my December painting points total to 98 for the month. My total number of Olley Painting Points for all of 2009 was 1,386 points, or an average of 115.5 points per month. This is well above my target of 72 painting points per month.

As you may recall, a cavalry figure or mounted general counts as two points since it has two components: a horse and a rider. A foot figure or artillery piece count as one point. I would estimate that the total number of figures painted easily topped one thousand. This is probably the largest number of figures that I have ever painted in one year.

I wish that I had kept better track of the actual units that I painted over the course of the year, but I cannot find the data right now. My recollection is that about 40% of the total was devoted to the 1806 Project, another 30-40% was devoted to the Seven Years War, and the remainder was largely British Colonial figures.

Looking Ahead to 2010
I would imagine that the coming year will continue to see me painting more 1806 Napoleonics as I edge closer to completing this project of building French and Prussian armies for Auerstadt at a 1:10 figure ratio. I might add a few Russian units too, but I am contemplating shipping the Russians, or at least some of them, to my nephew Alex who is a very very good painter. Alex has surpassed my brushwork a long time ago and I am reminded that I should post some pictures of the Redoubt US Marines circa 1900 that he recently completed.

The Minden Project will also earn some of my attention. I would like to have enough Prussian and Austrian infantry and cavalry units completed in time to run a game at the 2011 SYW Association convention featuring an all-Minden pair of armies. This seems like an attainable goal for the coming year.

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