Thursday, December 10, 2009

SYW Christmas Sale - Part I The Cavalry

Brigade of Prussian Cavalry features HR7 Yellow Hussars (left), the HR1 Green Hussars (right) and the CR13 Garde du Corps cuirassiers (back row). All Foundry figures painted by Der Alte Fritz.

I am putting my brigade of Foundry SYW Prussian Cavalry up for sale for anyone who is interested. The cavalry group consist of 50 mounted figures (20 Yellow Hussars in mirlitons, 20 Green Hussars in busbies, and 10 Garde du Corps cuirassiers. All figures are mounted on 2-inch square bases and are finished with textured terrain/flock/ballast and a wooden identification plate with the name of the regiment affixed to the back of the base.

HR7 Gelbe Hussaren: 20 figures - Price: $400.00
The Yellow Hussars was one of the first Foundry cavalry units that I painted and it continues to be a "show stopper" every time I put the unit on the wargame table. This unit is wearing the mirliton felt hat. Three squadrons fought with Ferdinand's Allied Army in Western Germany during the Seven Years War, while the remaining squadrons fought with Frederick's army. So you can use this unit in either army.

Close up view of the Yellow Hussars - click to enlarge.

HR1 Grune Hussaren: 20 figures - Price: $320.00
This is a very nice looking hussar unit, wearing the fur colpack or busby and a dark green uniform. Details include the van dyking on the shabraque edged in white. Not as spectacular as their Yellow bretheren, but it is eye-catching none the less. The Grune Hussaren fought with Frederick's army and gained fame for its performance at Rossbach, when it lead the surprise charge into the Austrian advance guard cavalry.

Two views of the Green Hussars. Click the pictures to enlarge the view.

CR13 Garde du Corps: 10 figures - Price:$160.00
Frederick's Garde du Corps, or body guard, was only three squadrons strong compared to the standard five squadrons for the other twelve cuirassier regiments in the Prussian cavalry corps. They were usually brigaded with the CR10 Gensd'armes cuirassier regiment (5 sqds). I could paint a 20 figure Gensd'armes regiment for anyone who decides to purchase this fine regiment. Of note, the Garde du Corps carried the distinctive Roman Vexilum standard instead of a traditional cavalry standard.

Garde du Corps cuirassiers - click pix to enlarge the view

Cavalry Brigade Deal: all 50 figures for 10% off - total price: $800.00
If you are interested in purchasing the entire brigade of 50 cavalry figures (total cost of $880), I will reduce the price by 10%, or $80, for a total price of $800 for the brigade.

Purchasing Details/Contact
If you are interested in purchasing any of the units listed, then send me an e-mail at "" for more information.

Preview of tomorrow's infantry brigade sale
The Prussian infantry brigade consists of five 20-figure battalions, one artillery crew with 12-pounder, and two mounted generals. Details and close-up photos will be posted tomorrow.

Brigade of SYW Prussian infantry including 2 grenadier, 2 fusilier and 1 freikorps battalion, plus one 12-pound artillery piece with 4 crewmen, and 2 mounted generals.


  1. Fritzy - would I won Lotto I'd buy the bleedin' lot! They are superb and would do honour to any SYW collection - you should have no trouble finding a generous benefactor for your "Kinder"!


  2. Jim -- what on earth are you doing? Are you sure you won't regret this? Obviously, if they must go then so be it, but I would urge you to reconsider.

  3. I wouldn't read anything into it.
    These figures are based differently and it appears that he is only selling off those units that are made up of Foundry figures. I would guess that the same units will be eventually replaced by Minden or Eureka or some such. At least that was my read on the title of the post and the units that are up for sale.