Sunday, June 30, 2013

Prussian Artillery Equipment from Fife & Drum

New Prussian Artillery Models (from L to R): 12-pdr, 10-pd Howitzer, 6-pdr, and 3-pdr. Click pix to enlarge.
Prussian 12-pounder (left) and 10-pound howitzer (right) shown with Minden Miniatures SYW Prussian artillery crewmen for size comparison.

The Fife & Drum artillery works has been busy these past couple of months designing, forging and assembling and painting the new Prussian SYW artillery equipment that we have added to our range of 18th Century artillery equipment. The artillery range is done in 1/56 scale, which means that they are utterly and completely compatible with the Minden Miniatures range of SYW figures. These cannon models were designed with the Minden range in mind, as I needed some cannon for my own armies of Minden Miniatures Prussians.

A special thanks goes to Christian Rogge for his tireless work in creating drawings of all of the French and Prussian SYW era artillery equipment. Christian's work made it all possible to have the sculpts made and the pieces put into production.

The range also includes the necessary limbers and horse teams to go with your Prussian (and French) artillery, and we also added a munitions wagon and pontoon wagon, both of which could be used with any European army in the 18th Century.
Prussian 6-pounder (left) with light 6-pounder limber, and 3-pounder (right) M1740 Holtzmann model. Click pix to enlarge.
Munitions wagon (left) to provide ammo for your artillery and a pontoon wagon with pontoon (right) for all of those river crossings. You can also purchase an extra pair of pontoons and a pair of draft horses with civilian driver. Click pix to enlarge.

Prussian 12-pounder with limber. Minden Miniatures artillery crew shown for sizing purposes.

Here is a list of the new product codes for the Prussian artillery equipment:

AE-008   Pair of limber horses and civilian driver  ($8.00)
AE-017   Pair of pontoons only ($8.00)
AE-018   Pontoon wagon with one pontoon   ($10.00)
AE-019   Munitions wagon (wicker-sided with canvas cover) ($10.00)
AE-020   Prussian 12-pounder  ($6.00)
AE-021   Prussian 10-pound Howitzer  ($6.00)
AE-022   Prussian 6-pounder  ($6.00)
AE-023   Prussian 3-pounder M1740 Holtzmann model  ($5.00)
AE-024   Prussian light limber with ammo chest (use with 6-pdr and 3-pdr)  ($5.00)
AE-025   Prussian heavy A-Frame artillery limber  ($5.00)
AE-026   Pair of civilian limber horse riders only - 1 brimmed hat & 1 tricorne ($4.00)

For more information, click on the Fife & Drum link below to go to the web page:

Fife & Drum Miniatures

In the future, we will add the Prussian Brummer and the 7-pound howitzer to the range.

In a few more days, I will post pictures and product codes for all of the new French Valliere artillery equipment that we now have in the Fife & Drum range.


  1. lovely artillery additions to your range of figures

    -- Allan

  2. Yes, yes, yes!!! All great, and the limbers/wagons/pontoons are especially nice. I've spotted this year's birthday and Christmas requests.

    Best Regards,


  3. I really love to have this elements on the table. Perhaps they are not always useful to the game, but are a great adition to the background (and it is wonderful to send your Dragoons against the enemy Artillery Train...).