Saturday, June 1, 2013

AWI Artillery

British 6-pounder battery with 3-pound galloper gun in the rear. Click picture to enlarge.

I have been working on some painting commissions for Fife & Drum Miniatures British and American artillery batteries. I'm in the process of painting ten sets (includes one cannon and four crew) and finished the first six this morning.

American artillery battery (left to right) French light "Swedish" 4-pounder, French 4-pound Valliere System cannon, and 3-pound Galloper gun (actually a British Verbruggen cannon mounted on a Patteson carriage).

Speaking of artillery, the new additions to the Fife & Drum artillery park are scheduled to arrive from the caster on Monday June 3rd and I'm really looking forward to seeing these in the flesh. The new pieces include Prussian 3/6/12 pounders and a 10-pound howitzer; French 8 and 12-pounders; a pontoon wagon and pontoons; a wicker sided munitions wagon; and Prussian and French artillery limbers.

Please note that the majority of the Fife & Drum artillery equipment can be used from the War of the Austrian Succession through the end of the American War of Independence.

Finally, we have some special promotional figures that Richard Ansell recently sculpted to give away at the Fife & Drum booth at Historicon. I'm not going to reveal what they are just yet, other to say that they are part of a unique vignette. I'm really excited about these new figures and I think that you will be too.


  1. Very nice Artillery pieces. Where is that vignette? It sounds interesting.