Tuesday, May 28, 2013

AWI 44th Regiment of Foot

British 44th (Essex) Regiment of Foot: Fife & Drum Miniatures, GMB Designs Flags, and  buildings by Herb Gundt. Click pix to enlarge.

I finished the British 44th Regiment of Foot over the long Memorial Day weekend. These lads have been sitting on my painting table since last December and I feared that I had lost the motivation to paint any more AWI figures for awhile. But then I remembered that I need to add three more British regiments of foot to use in my games at Historicon this summer, so that was motivation enough to get my AWI Painting Mojo going again. One down, two more 32 figure units to go!

I even use a few Perry Miniatures in my AWI collection, particularly for the cavalry that I don't have yet in my own Fife & Drum Miniatures range of figures. I needed one regiment of British cavalry for my Historicon scenario, so I went with the Perry 16th Light Dragoons. The same unit will probably be next in the queue with regard to new additions to Fife & Drum this year. Yes, British dragoons and American dragoons will be the next items that we add to the range. Once the cavalry are in the stable, then we will have all three combat arms available in the AWI range.

This is only the beginning though, or rather, the end of Phase I (creating all three combat arms in the range). Phase II will see the expansion of the range into other troop types such as Highlanders and Hessians as well as a few other surprises down the road. There is also a Phase III in our master plan, but let's get phases I and II nailed down before I talk about that in any detail.

16th Light Dragoons - Perry Miniatures. Minden Miniatures Prussian Jagers standing in as  Hessian Jagers.



  1. Ha ha Hessians and Horse.!! Good news indeed. Now that I know this is your plan i will abandon my purchases of Perry Figures.

  2. Wonderful figures, painting and terrain.