Wednesday, May 1, 2013

AWI Limber Teams

Minden Miniatures SYW Prussian artillery crew

Fife & Drum British Limber Team with 6-pound go into battery. Perry 16th Light Dragoons provide the escort.
Here is a picture showing how I organize my artillery train for my AWI armies. Each cannon model has its own limber with a team of two horses and a driver. The cannon model attaches to the rear, loosely and then is placed on the artillery stand when it goes into battery. Once the gun goes into battery, the gun model is placed on the artillery stand (which includes four crew members permanently attached to the base) and then it is set to fire, as shown below

Fife & Drum Miniatures: British artillery crews firing (left) and loading (right) their 6-pounders.


  1. Stunning looking miniatures. Ihope you had a good convention at Little Wars. Also you can also sell you british infantry with roundabouts,as HEIC,.troops. I have on good authority,much to my dismay,others will noy be making HEIC specific troops. So there you have Fife and Drum India edition.

  2. Very impressive. Your Prussian battery looks realistically encumbered.

  3. That Prussian battery really is beautifully "encumbered"! Good expression! I like the buildings too. Also the two rather shiny unpainted horses in the far background.
    Thanks for sharing these.

  4. Wonderful looking pictures...and figures...I love these limber teams!!