Saturday, May 25, 2013

Minden Miniatures

These are Alban Miniatures Napoleonic Hungarians, also sculpted by the talented Richard Ansell. Richard, of course, also is the sculptor of the Minden Miniatures, Crann Tera and Fife & Drum Miniatures ranges.

The other day I was looking for some SYW figures on the Minden Miniatures web site and I started to think, "Wow, Frank has sure added a lot of figures to the range since he started this venture."

So I started counting the number of figures within each country and came up with the figure 229. This does not include the next batch of 16 figures that are about to go into production. The break down is:

62 Prussian
50 Austrian
37 French
34 British
22 Hanoverian
24 Civilians

That is very impressive, to my way of thinking.

I was looking at one of the wounded horse castings in the Minden range when I happened to notice that there was some sort of inscription on the bottom ( the flat underside) of the casting. Taking out my magnifying glass, I was able to read the following message:

"Help Frank Has Me Locked In His Basement."

That really gave me a good laugh. :)

Message of the tell-tale horse: "Help!"