Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New Fife & Drum SYW Artillery Equipment Is Now In Stock!

French Valliere System Artillery (L-R): 4-pdr, 8-pdr, and 12-pdr all shown with Minden Miniatures SYW artillery crew figures. Click pix to enlarge the view.
Close-up view of the new French 8-pdr (left) and 12-pdr (right).

I have spent the evening unpacking a huge box of castings received today from Griffin Moulds Ltd, containing all of the new SYW artillery equipement that we have just added to the Fife & Drum Miniatures range. The equipment is made to 1/56 scale so that they are fully compatible with either the Minden Miniatures SYW range or the Fife & Drum AWI range.

Check out the Fife & Drum blog for more information, including prices and product codes to assist you in ordering these fine new artillery castings.  Fife & Drum Artillery Equipment

The new Prussian artillery (L-R) 12-pdr; 10-pd Howitzer; 6-pdr; and 3-pdr.
Ammunition wagon, wicker-sided with canvas top. Shown with set of limber horses and driver and Minden Prussian artillery crewman.
Pontoon wagon with pontoon (horse team sold separately).

Close-up of the Prussian 12-pdr (left) and 10-pdr Howitzer (right)

Close-up of the Prussian 6-pdr (left) and 3-pdr regimental gun (right).



  1. What a splendid array of quality and choice, and all in a consistent scale, rather than size.

    The words 'definitive' and 'authoritative' spring to mind.

  2. Yes, yes, yes! The pontoon wagon is my personal favorite, but everything looks amazing.

    Best Regards,


  3. Very nice! The ammunition wagon is my favourite!

  4. The wagons are fantastic adition to the range. A great idea.

  5. Wonderful - if I may, I'd like to echo Steve's comments.


  6. Really fine masterpieces - I am deeply impressed and regret not to collect 30mm range. But the details and proportions are inspiring for my own modeling.
    Thanks for showing us that!

  7. wonderful models. I will order soon!