Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hessians Are Coming Too!

Minden Prussians, shown to conceptualize what AWI Hessians might look like. Click to enlarge.

Just a little bit of an update on the Fife & Drum Kickstarter Project. As of today, we have pledges in the  amount of $9,329 from 32 backers. If you would like to contribute and become a member of "The Fife & Drum Corps", then click the link below:

Fife & Drum Kickstarter

With 25 days remaining, it looks like we have a reasonable chance of hitting the Stretch Goal No. 2 at the $12,000 pledge level, and this will unlock the first 16 Hessian musketeer infantry. Grenadiers and jagers and artillery crew would follow thereafter.

As previously announced, the first Stretch Goal No. 1 of $8,000 has been achieved, so this means that the British Legion cavalry of Banastre Tarleton will become unlocked. We will probably release the 3rd Continental Light Dragoons at the same time to balance out the range a little bit.


  1. It is a great news. Your range of figures is going to be wonderful!

  2. Jim, When we talked the other night, I forgot to include 2 Austrian Command stands. Each with a mounted officer, 2 flag holders, 1 drummer, and 1 officer. The facing colors are not important, you decide. Each base should be 2X2. Thanks and best regards, Bill