Monday, June 17, 2013

Hesse Seewald Jagers

Hesse Seewald Jagers, using Fife & Drum AWI figures.  Click pix to enlarge.

(L-R) Jager Regimental Officer, the Erbprinz Karl Friedrich, and Captain Jakob Berkebeil.

I finished 12 light infantry figures and 3 mounted officers for my Hesse Seewald force, over the weekend. The Erbprinz and Captain Berkebeil are headed across the Pond for adventure and to learn the art of military science under the tutelage of some of Europe's finest military minds.  The Erbprinz needs an appropriate escort, so I am in the midst of painting two companies of light infantry (24 figures) to make the trip with him.

The Jager mounted officer is from the Fife & Drum AWI range of figures (the other two are from the Minden range) and I really like the way that he turned out -- he is almost too good to be a mere regimental commander, but I will let the new inhaber of the regiment make the decision.

I have always liked the color combination used in the uniforms of Napoleon's Guard Chasseurs a Cheval (green, red and tan) and so I incorporated the color scheme into my Hesse Seewald Jagers.

I apologize for the average quality of the pictures. I used my iPad and e-mailed the pix to myself to load into this blog. I wasn't able to down load them into iPhotos where I could have played around with the picture settings, etc. I also took some pix with my regular camera, but that takes awhile to download and edit, and I need to get to bed.

At any rate, I wanted to point out that the Fife & Drum Miniatures AWI figures make for fine Imaginations armies in addition to their intended use to wargame the American Revolutionary War.


  1. Lovely figures, Jim. I agree, the color combination is excellent. Are the Jager troopers Fife and Drum or Minden? You're right, the ranges are a perfect match. Tom

  2. The figures are all Fife & Drum Continentals, except for the two mounted generals with the finished bases (which are Minden figures).

  3. Beautiful. What brand of sealer do you use? It looks quite flat-perfect.

  4. Very nice loking figures, love the colors!

  5. I use Dullkote brand sealer to get a flat finish on my figures.