Sunday, June 16, 2013

Erbprinz Karl Friedrich von Hesse Seewald

Karl Friedrich (left) and his ADC, Captain Jakob Berkebeil (right). Both are Minden Miniatures figures. Click picture to enlarge the view.

I have finished several painting projects for other people and now that everything is packed and mailed, I have a little time on my hands to paint whatever I please. The sensible part of my brain told me to keep knocking out AWI British regiments, what with Historicon coming up so soon. The spontaneous side of my brain told me to do whatever will bring me the most fun and joy.

Spontinaity won out, so I pushed the 32 AWI British, destined to become the 4th Regiment of Foot, and pitch into some Minden Miniatures SYW figures. With that in mind, I dug out a couple of mounted officers so that I could paint a couple of on-off "onesies" and get creative. I chose a Hanoverian mounted officer to play the role of the Erbprinz Karl Friedrich von Hesse Seewald and a Prussian mounted colonel to star in the role of the Erbprinz's ADC, confidant, and minder: Captain Jakob Berkebeil of the Von Glasenap Musketeer Regiment in the Hesse Seewald army.

The picture above depicts a portion of my Saturday painting production: I finished both mounted officers and seven light infantry figures (out of an eventual 29 figures for a light regiment as prescribed in "The Wargame" rules by Charles Grant). I chose the green uniform coat of the Hesse Seewald army for both officers. Each army regiment has a different facing color or small clothes in either buff or white. The green coat, red facings and white small clothes are those used in IR1 von Glasenap, the oldest regiment in the Herzog von Hesse Seewald's army.

Now before some of you get too excited, this does not mean that I am about to drop everything and start painting imaginations armies in the blink of an eye. On the contrary, this batch of figures are destined to fight in another war gamer's campaigns, so I will be packing them up shortly and sending them on their way to new adventures. On the other hand, I rather like the few sample figures that I painted for several of the regiments, so it is very likely that from time to time I will paint a regiment here and there until I build up the first brigade of four 30 figure battalions.


  1. Very nice inspiring job, thanks for describing them to us.