Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Artillery Equipment - Painted Pix!

French 12-pounder with limber; Minden Miniatures French crew. Click to enlarge.

I have been busy painting one of each of the new French and Prussian SYW/AWI era cannon, limbers and wagons over the weekend and finally have them ready to post on the blog. I like all of the new model, but I think that the French cannon are the most spectacular looking because they are just so HUGE! I am tempted to add the 24-pounder to the French range in the future. I want to thank Christian Rogge for his epic work in compiling the information on the French and Prussian cannon and then creating the scale drawings that our sculptor was able to use to render the final models. Future additions to the range will likely include a Prussian 7-pd howitzer, British 12-pdr, and a complete line of Austrian cannon and equipment.

To order, click on the link below to the Fife & Drum web page for further ordering information:

French cannon (L-R): Swedish 4-pdr, Valliere 4-pdr, Valliere 8-pdr and Valliere 12-pdr.

Prussian cannon (L-R) 12-pdr, 10-pdr howitzer, 6-pdr, and 3-pdr.

Prussian 12-pdr (left) and 10-pd howitzer (right)

Prussian 6-pdr (left), light limber with ammo box (center) and 3-pdr (right)
Prussian 12-pdr, Minden artillery crew, and heavy limber.

Munitions wagon (left) and Pontoon wagon with pontoon (right)
I like the way that these two wagons turned out. I painted them Prussian blue, but they could be used for any European army during the SYW or for AWI forces. For the British, paint the carriage grey and the canvas top crimson. The pontoon wagon will come in very handy for some of those Charles Grant scenarios that I have been meaning to try. You can also buy a pack of two pontoons separately.

British 3-pounder with American crew firing.
I also include a picture of the 3-pdr Galloper gun that already exists in the AWI equipment range; however, many people are not aware that it exists, so I thought that I would post a picture of just the cannon with the crew (available as British or American, loading and firing poses).

The initial response to these new releases has been very good, and in fact I have already placed a restocking order so that we can keep the products in the shipping room, ready to fill your orders. I will be at Historicon July 18-21, 2013 with a booth at the Age of Glory booth. I hope to see you there.


  1. Jim they are so splendid.

    Well done.


  2. Lovely work; fab range of artillery equipment

    -- Allan

  3. Great work on these splendid figures!

  4. Nice work. The munitions wagon looks pretty darn close to the British one at Ligonier!