Monday, June 24, 2013

Finished Spirit of '76 Vignette and some Jagers

Minden civilians carrying ammo chest, Fife & Drum Spirit of '76 vignette, and F&D equipment and artillery crew shown (click pix to enlarge the view).

Hesse Seewald Jagers - Fife & Drum Continentals and Militia painted as an Imaginations Army: 28 figures representing a Light Battalion in Charles Grant's "The Wargame" rules.

It has been a busy weekend here in Hesse Seewald. First of all, the Erbprinz was assembling and kitting out two companies of light infantry to serve as his escort to his ultimate destination where he will learn the Art of Warfare under the tutelage of one of Europe's foremost military tacticians. Who that person is, I cannot say just yet, but eventually the Erbprinz's destination will be revealed. The light battalion is comprised of two companies of the Hesse Seewald von Birckebeil Regiment that are on detached duty to guard the Erbprinz as he travels across central Germany.

The figures are all from the Fife & Drum AWI range of figures. I used Continentals mostly, as well as several militia standing firing and wearing tricorn hats (you can see them on the left hand side of the picture). The point is, that Fife & Drum figures can be used for both AWI and for your Imaginations armies, to equal good effect.

The picture on the top depicts the new Spirit of '76 vignette that we have just added to the Fife & Drum range. While my intention was to give away the figures at Historicon and/or as part of a Kickstarter reward, I have decided that I will sell the Spirit vignette via mail order. Any order worth at least $8.00 (that is four infantry figures) will receive a free Spirit of '76 vignette along with your order.

I only have 40 sets right now, but I will be sending in another order to Griffin Moulds for another 200-300 more sets, so I should have more than enough sets available for everyone within a couple more weeks (unless you hurry up and send in one of the next 38 orders this week).

Artillery Equipment Update
I have decided to go ahead and commission the rest of the French artillery based on the drawings of Christian Rogge, so this means that the French Valliere 16-pounder, 24-pounder and 8-pound howitzer will be added to the artillery equipment range. Christian is also working on drawings for the British artillery circa the SYW so this will allow us to add British 5.5" and 8" howitzers and 12-pound smooth bore cannon later this year. Christian is also gathering information on the Prussian Brummer cannon so I will definitely add the Brummer to the range as soon as I can. There will also be more support wagons (2-wheel and 4-wheel general purpose wagons and powder wagons). And if I can find some decent pictures of a traveling carriage, I would like to add a "Royal Carriage" to provide transportation for all of those Imaginations Dukes, Landgrafs, and Kings, etc who are roaming around Europe right now.

In a word, there is a lot more to come on the equipment side of the Fife & Drum range.


  1. Very nice! I get a kick out of the Imagi-nations stuff. Hoch Seewald!

  2. Very nice all of them. A great idea.

  3. More wagons and the Prussian brummer?
    That sounds great :-)