Monday, July 1, 2013

New Kickstarter Rewards Offered For AWI Hessian Fundraising

Our Fife & Drum Kickstarter project is now up to $10,233 and we have 39 backers. We are funded and we passed our first stretch goal of $8,000 which unlocked the British Legion cavalry.

Now we have the Hessian infantry in sight as our next goal, but we need to reach a funding level of $12,000 to unlock the Hessians. Every pledge moves us closer to our goal, even the smallest pledge.

But we've added a HUGE incentive for you Hessian fans: free figures! That's right, if we hit the $12,000 funding level then EVERYBODY GETS 24 FREE HESSIAN INFANTRY FIGURES!

Think about that for just a minute. You could pledge say $24 to get 4 dragoons, and you will get 24 foot for free. But wait, it gets better: you can swap each dragoon for 3 infantry or 1 cannon. That's potentially 12 more infantry as your base reward and 24 more foot just for being smart enough to pledge before the $12,000 goal was achieved. That's a 25% discount off of our retail price for an infantry figure or $1.50 per figure with the discount. And we are not done giving away freebies!

Since we already hit the $10,000 pledge level, every backer automatically receives a free mounted officer of your choice. Guys, we already passed that threshold so ANY new pledge qualifies for the free mounted officer. That's free cheese! You can't lose with this deal.

So help us move the ball another $1,800 by visiting our Kickstarter page and make your pledge today:

Fife & Drum expands its American Revolution range


  1. I've tried to pledge . . . but when I try to log in I get bumped to a JAVA page saying I need to update EVEN THOUGH JAVA SAYS I HAVE THE MOST UP-TO-DATE VERSION.

    By the way, my pledge would be for $30 since I'm in Canada.

    -- Jeff

  2. OK - you talked me into it. $60 on it's way.

    Cheers - what a great project,