Friday, July 26, 2013

More Fort Ligonier Pix

General Forbes At Fort Duquesne (courtesy of Fort Ligonier museum)
There a several interesting dioramas at the Fort Ligonier museum. The first one depicts General Forbes in his litter, between two horses, during his campaign to capture the French-held Fort Duquesne (renamed Fort Pitt after its capture by Forbes). I thought that I would post this picture because (1) it is interesting, and (2) it would make for a good table top vignette, so I hope that someone gives it a try and reports back to DAF Journal Central.

The second diorama is so big and wide that I had to take the picture in two separate photographs. It depicts the British-American wagon teams trying to get a 6-pound cannon and a wagon up the hill, over a very poor road that they have hacked out of the woods. The museum notes that wagon teams were often pulling the load in tandem, i.e. one horse is ahead of the other, rather than having the horses side by side. My recollection is that the diorama caption at the museum mentions that the wagon team shown below is incorrect.

Pushing a wagon up the hill (courtesy of Fort Ligonier museum)

Pulling a 6-pounder up the hill. (courtesy of Fort Ligonier museum)
Later in the week, I have some pictures from inside the Fort, showing the officers' quarters and the officers mess, done in life size exhibits (using uniformed manniquins).

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