Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Last 24 Hours of Fife & Drum Kickstarter!

Minden (left and right) and Fife & Drum (center) mounted officers.

There are about 24 hours left in the Fife & Drum Kickstarter Project, and as of this posting the pledges totaled $22,887 from 96 backers. Since my target goal was $5,000 for the initial funding, it goes beyond saying that this has been a very successful Kickstarter Project and it will provide all of the funding that we will need for the next two years. Thank you everyone!

Now there is the little matter of reaching the final stretch goal of $24,000 which will unlock the French circa Savannah in 1779. If we are able to raise $1,113 in additional pledges over the next 24 hours, then the French will become "unlocked". The term "unlocked" means that enough pledge dollars will have been raised to fund the development and production of that specific item, in this case, the French Army of 1779.

Just a few more pledges will get us there. So if you enjoy the Fife & Drum range of miniatures and you want to see the French added to the range, now is the time to pledge some money to make it happen. Click on the link below and travel to the Kickstarter Project page for Fife & Drum Miniatures.

In the right hand column of the page, you will see a number of Pledge Levels that you can choose from. Each pledge sends your investment dollars to our Kickstarter Project, and in turn, you will receive the miniatures listed for the various pledge levels. Select the level that interests you by clicking the green icon and you will be walked through the process.


  1. I am in Jim !

    Dave ( uk )

  2. It has been really a success, sir. I have pledged for some Cavalry, and I expect to receive also some Hessian, and some characters... I´m really happy with your initiative!

    Good luck in these last hours!