Friday, July 5, 2013

The Erbprinz Arrives in the Vereinigte Freie Stadte Capital of Kranz

The Erbprinz Karl Friedrich (center) with the captain of his Garde Jager escort (left) and his ADC, Captain Jakob Berkebiel. Click photo to enlarge. The Erbprinz is a Minden Miniature British officer painted in the uniform of a Hesse Seewald general.

One of the two companies of Garde Jagers of the Hesse Seewald army that provided an escort for the Erbprinz in his recent journey to Kranz, VFS.
Today a message arrived by courier to the Herzog Friedrich von Hesse Seewald announcing the safe passage and arrival of his son, the Erbprinz Karl Friedrich in Kranz, the capital city of the Vereinigte Freie Stadte ("VFS"). The Erbprinz has been sent to the VFS to learn the art of military science from one of the prominent military captains of the 18th Century, Baron von und zun Trinksblut und Eisenessen.

There is much rejoicing in the Ducal Palace at Gotha, as there were some concerns that the Erbprinz's party might be ambushed by agents of Herzog Wilhelm von Sachsen Raschstein. See the picture below for some of the naer-do-wells who were trying to find the Erbprinz:

Bercheny Hussars on the prowl for the Erbprinz's traveling party. These are Minden Miniatures -- the new French Hussar figures -- painted by and in the collection of Charles S. Grant. Click to enlarge.


To His Excellency the Herzog Friedrich von Seewald of Hesse Seewald


I am delighted to report to Your Excellency that the Erbprinz Karl Friedrich has just arrived at Kranz and presented himself to the Military Council of the Vereinigte Freie Städte. I am bidden by the Council to say that he is indeed most welcome.

His recent experience during the campaigning against the vaunted Gallian army during the recently concluded War of the Saxon Duchies will stand him in good stead and we look forward to his first had account of this campaign.

The Erbprinz Karl Garde Jäger have made a very fine impression. They are exceptionally well equipped and make an imposing sight. I understand that I have been invited to review them in training once they have settled into their barracks and I very much look forward to this.

At this stage I cannot provide details but I can assure Your Excellency that both the Erbprinz and his Garde Jäger will find themselves on in action before too long.

Your Servant

General Baron von und zu Trinksblut und Eisenessen


  1. You sent them to Charles Grant?!


  2. Yes, they reside in Charles Grant's collection. I look forward to seeing them in some of his future campaigns. I had wanted to do some one off personalities to send to Charles, then decided that the Erbrinz required an escort that was suitable for him, thus the jagers were added.

    I don't have time to paint a Hesse Seewald army, but this way I can have a little painting fun and recreation without worrying about building up two Imaginations armies. And the figures end up in a very good home. :)


  3. Congratulations! Hopefully well see them trooping over the Duchy of Lorraine in a new book soon!

  4. Great paintjob, beautiful troops!

  5. It is a fantastic painting work, sir!