Sunday, August 22, 2010

Prussian Field Forge

Prussian field forge (left) and gyn (right) for repairing artillery carriages. Minden pioneers (orange waistcoats) and mounted officer, Hovels civilians, and tents from Miniature Building Authority. (Click pictures twice to enlarge the view)

I finally got around to painting my field forge, that I bought from the Berliner Zinnfiguren store in Berlin several years ago. As I have been building up my Prussian artillery park with various supply wagons and repair crews, I was eager to get this vignette painted and based to finish things off.

The blacksmith and his boy helper are from the Hovels range of 18th century civilians. The anvil and tools are included in the field forge set. I made the tool table from bass wood and card stock and also added a barrel from Front Rank.

Prussian field forge from Berliner Zinnfiguren and Hovels civilians (blacksmith & his helper) make up this nice little vignette.

These models won't play any role in any of my table top wargames, unless I have a skirmish game or a raid scenario where perhaps a task force of Austrian hussars and Croats are on a raid behind the Prussian lines with the objective to destroy a Prussian camp or supply center. Nevertheless, the field forge vignette is attractive and will enhance the overall look of my wargames.

Sale Update
The Zieten Hussars are still available to a good home and I will be posting two more regiments of RSM Prussian infantry later in the week (IR9 Puttkamer and IR20 Bornstedt). Each infantry regiment has two 20-figure battalions.


  1. A very well done vignette.

  2. Oh, very nice! There's something you don't see everyday in our tabletop armies, eh?

  3. Absolutely wonderful. All of the Beerstein horses are envious...

  4. That is terribly nice. Well done!

  5. A handsome edition to any table. I have field forges for all of my French cavalry regiments - they give a very satisfying sense of completeness.

  6. Every now and again you see something on the web that fires you with enthusiasm to paint similar for your miniatures forces - last time for me it was Bengal Lancers (an itch I have still to scratch), this time it's your field forge... very nice work indeed...