Sunday, August 15, 2010

ACW Cavalry Pricing Error - Figures Repriced

Oops, der Alte Fritz made a "cypherin' error" when he was calculating the price of the Confederate cavalry. So as not to "put the skeer into you all" and cause you to "skeedaddle" away from this awesome sale, I have done some more cypherin' to post the correct prices:

1) Confederate Cavalry Regiment #1 - $200 (20 mounted, 15 dismounted, 1 horseholder stand).

2) Confederate Cavalry Regiment #2 - $200 (20 mounted, 15 dismounted, 1 horseholder stand)

3) Union Cavalry Regiment - $200 (no change in price) - (2o mounted, 15 dismounted , 1 horseholder stand)

4) Big Cavalry Deal: $500 for the whole lot of three regiments

5) Redoubt Union Dismounted Cavalry $280 (new price)

My apologies for the pricing error on the Confederates, as originally posted. I think that the old price was what I was asking for all three cavalry regiment (not including the Redoubt figures). At any rate, it is time to "move 'em out" as der Alte Fritz needs more room in his famous Closet O' Lead for all of his Minden Project armies and BAR SYW armies.

As a preview for things to come, I have decided to sell my von Kliest Frei Korps (Foundry figure) which consists of 60 infantry, 18 dismounted cavalry, 10 artillery crew and 2 6pd cannon, 36 mounted dragoons, 12 mounted hussars, and a von Kliest personality figure. This is a beautiful legion of figures, based individually for BAR rules for the Seven Years War.

I have also been working on some limber teams for my Minden Project Prussian army. These consist of RSM limber horses and Berliner Zinnfiguren limbers and cannon. I will post some pictures of the finished units this week.

For information on the repriced ACW cavalry or the von Kliest Frei Korps, contact me via e-mail at:

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