Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dragoon Vignette Painted

Dragoon officer (center) dismounted peering through his spyglass while on recon. Previous dragoon vignettes are shown with the new model, in situ.

I was able to paint the dragoon vignette this evening, having had the foresight to prime all of the figures last night. I opted for the smaller round base that I use for my command figures, mainly because Mrs. Fritz liked the smaller base better than the larger base. I also decided not to include any other foot figures on the stand. I kind of like the tighter look to the officer vignette and in theory I could use this as a command stand.

A picture of the dragoon officer by himself. The fence is from Irregular Miniatures, the horse is from RSM, and the dragoon officer is a Minden Prussian jager standing firing, that I have converted.

Tomorrow night I can apply the brown ink to the base and after the ink dries, apply the static grass. So it is a couple of steps away from being finished.


  1. Nicely done.
    Excellent pieces all, where every detail adds to the overall effect

  2. I like it, sir . . . very much.

    -- Jeff

  3. Another great vignette. I can't make my mind up which is my favourite now.

    -- Allan

  4. Your latest conversions/vignettes are awesome!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I agree, a very nice vignette! And the smaller command stand-size base was a good choice!

  6. Great vignettes - more eye-candy for the tabletop. Doubling as command or skirmish stands just adds to their utility.