Sunday, May 9, 2010

The 200,000 Visitor Milestone Is Reached

The Minden Prussian army turned out on the marchfeldt today to fire a salute in honor of the 200 thousandth visitor to the site today. Click on the pictures to view the proceedings up close. Double click for an even closer view.

At approximately noon today, Sunday May 9, 2010, the 200,000th visitor to this blog paid a visit to see what was going on at Der Alte Fritz Journal. I never imagined that this little blog would attract so many visitors in such a short time. I want to thank everyone for taking the time to look at my pictures and read my musings on the wargame hobby. I am honored to have so many wonderful readers.

To celebrate the passing of this milestone, the color bearers of the Prussian Regiments (left to right) IR13 Itzenplitz, IR5 Alt Braunschweig, and IR1 Winterfeldt presented their colors to King Friedrich II and Major General von Winterfeldt on the marchfeld.

It seems that most of 2010 will be devoted to my Minden Project covering the armies of Austria and Prussian using Minden Miniatures 1/56 scale figures. As of this writing, I have completed 8 Prussian battalions and four sections of 12-pound artillery, plus a dozen Bayreuth Dragoons. I would imagine that if all goes according to plan, that I will begin to tackle the Austrian army starting in July 2010.

My latest addition to the Prussian army is the second battalion of IR13 Itzenplitz, which is pictured below.

The complete IR13 Itzenplitz Regiment on review. I haven't added the flags for the second battalion yet, so I will not base the command stand until the new flags arrive. I like to Dull Kote the figures, but the flags are added after the Dull Kote is sprayed on so as not to fog up the flags.

I finished the second battalion on Saturday and prepared to base the battalion that afternoon. To my horror, I discovered that I did not have a set of GMB Flags for IR13 - second battalion, which would have two black flags. I was sure that I had some duplicates in my hoard of GMB Flags that I have accumulated over the past couple of years, but alas, no IR13. So I fired off an order to Grahame Black and hopefully the flags will soon be on their way, provided that darn volcano doesn't interfere with things again.

I really had a hard time getting this second battalion of Itzenplitz completed. The unit had been sitting on my painting table for a couple of weeks as I delved into creating vignettes. There is something about those all white facings that just didn't appeal to me. I prefer red or straw when it comes to painting Prussians. Oddly enough, Itzenplitz was one of the best regiments in the army, and it has a rather spiffy looking regimental flag - all in black, sure to strike terror into the hearts of the Austrians.

This evening I primed up 30 fusilier figures for IR49 and plan to start painting them this week. I also put together some of the pioneer figures so that I could increase the pioneer company from 2 to 12 figures, and also plan to add some more artillery labourers to my artillery park. So I have replenished my inventory of primed Minden figures and am ready to finish off the month of May with IR49 and a few other goodies for the table top.




  1. Congratulation on number 200,000, sir. I just checked and I am #200,209 so your site continues to "pull us in".

    When ordering your flags I hope that you checked your inventory regarding the future units that you plan to raise and made sure that you had (or ordered) flags for them.

    Do you plan on completing the Prussian OB before starting on the Austrians? Or will you stagger the two in order to keep the painting fresh?

    -- Jeff

  2. Congrats, Jim. Look forward to the 400,000 milestone!

  3. Congrats; your blog is one of my favorites, and really has an admirable amount of eye candy! Thanks!

  4. Jeff: after I finish IR49 fusilier btn, that will give me 9 Prussian battalions, which was my "phase 1 goal". At that point I will switch over to painting some Austrians. I don't have any Austrians now except for the 12 Minden cuirassiers that I painted last year. I plan to rebase these for the current system and bring them up to 30 figures.

    So the first half of the year was devoted to the Prussians, and I expect that the second half will focus on the Austrians, until I get up to 9 btns, equal to the Prussians.

    After that, I would probably boost both sides up to 12 btns each and 4 cavalry regiments per side. That will be the extent of the Minden Project as 12 btns and 4 cavalry regiments is my goal for a moderately sized convention game.

  5. I can also use many of my existing RSM Austrians to fight my Minden Prussians, if I want to have any battles during the interim painting period. I have about four RSM Austrian btns that are up to the painting standard of the Mindens. The rest are older units that I painted back in the early 1990s, when I was still learning how to paint. So they do not look as nice as the newer stuff. The RSM figures are compatible in size and appearance with the Mindens. The RSM Austrian cavalry that I have looks better than my RSM old infantry, so most of that is suitable to use with this project during the interim period.

    Anonymous: the photo that I have from some museum in Germany shows the powder wagon with Pulver having the umlaut. I copied this as it comes from the real deal.

  6. That's a fine looking Army!!

    Well done!

  7. As one of the many visitors, congratulations, sir!

  8. Well done. Congratulations!

    You've got me wishing I'd done this era in 28mm with the 24+ figure battalions instead of 15mm 12 figure battalions now.

  9. Heartfelt congratulations Jim, considering the effort you put into both your armies and your blog, 200,000 visitors is richly deserved.
    Many thanks from this visitor,
    cheers Chris

  10. Jim - your blog is an inspiration and sets the benchmark for 'blogging the hobby' as it were. Something for the rest of us to aspire to achieving! Congratulations on your deserved milestone.


  11. Your blog is certainly one of the "shining lights" of the hobby. No wonder you've had so many visits. :)

  12. Bravo! Applause!
    Best wishes,

  13. Let me add my "Bravo! Applause!". I look forward to each new installment of your blog and certainly enjoy your enthusiasm and persistence. Here's to another 200,000.


  14. Don't act so surprised!

    If you paint beautiful figures, visitors will come!


  15. Great stuff Fritz, congratulations on 200,000 hits.


  16. Alter Fritz - re. pĆ¼lver always better to go with what you have seen. Either way - your minis and Leuthen in particular are lovely.

  17. I always like looking at Fritz's work.

  18. Congratulations Jim, you deserve the feedback of so many visitors for your enthusiasm alone, never mind your brush and conversion skills. When I started with the Minden range, I never dreamed I would have an advocate such as yourself, so full of enthusiasm and genuine zest for the hobby and period. You are a shining star in the galaxy of gamers sir!


  19. Perhaps I'll get to be blown away by these wonderful figures at next year's SYW association!