Sunday, December 5, 2021

Battle of Leuthen December 5, 1757


Battle of Leuthen in flats. 
Bavarian Army Museum

Today is the anniversary of Frederick the Great's greatest tactical battle, the Battle of Leuthen, fought on December 5, 1757.

I refer you to the excellent article on the battle found on the Obscure Battles web site.

Leuthen - Obscure Battles

Here are some pictures of past war game battles of Leuthen that I have organized.  The buildings and trees were all made by Herb Gundt and the table mat was made by The Terrain Guy. Sadly, both sources have retired and are no longer in the business of making war gaming terrain.

One of my Leuthen games on my home pitch, using Minden Miniatures.

Leuthen fought at General Pettygree's barracks on his huge 6ft by 30ft tables.

Leuthen village and its iconic church, defended by the Rot Wurzburg regiment.
This game was played with the B.A.R rules using a 1:10 figure ratio.

I have probably gamed Leuthen nearly ten times so I am not going to stage a refight of the battle today. The Austrians usually lose because it is too difficult a task to recover from the initial flank attack of the Prussians. The couple of times that the Austrians have won, they mounted a stout defense in the town of Leuthen, centered around the famous walled church.

I hope that you enjoy this little trip back in time.


  1. Personally, I prefer Rossbach as a fantastic Prussian victory, but Leuthen always looks fantastic, as your lovely games show!
    Nun danket alle Gott,
    mit Herzen, Mund und Händen,
    der große Dinge thut
    an uns und allen Enden,
    der uns von Mutterleib
    und Kindesbeinen an
    unzählig viel zu gut
    nnd noch jetzund gethan.!

    1. I’m trying to figure out how to present a Rossbach game scenario. It’s a battle that I’d like to play.

  2. There's a simple Leuthen scenario at Junior General I've always wanted to try - the ready availability of Paperboys makes it possible now.

  3. You give me will to go on with my project Leuthen 1:1 ratio. Still tons of papersoldiers to do. I agree with your idea to split this battle in sigle smaller actions in it. Very lovely pictures!