Monday, December 6, 2021

The Raising of The Tree


Yesterday, we decided that it was time to go out and purchase our annual Christmas tree and put it up and decorate it.

The global supply shortage has also affected things like  Christmas lights, artificial trees, and real trees. It is already difficult to find non-LED lights and we are only into the first week of December. We thought that if we didn’t move now we wouldn’t be able to find a decent tree. 

Fortunately we were not looking for a tall tree, a smaller 6 footer  would do. Usually we go for a 7 feet or 8 feet try, but having a 14 month old puppy in the house meant that we had to put our tree in a place where Bella the Destroyer couldn’t get to it and either chew up the ornaments and/or pull down the tree. As it happens, we have a den/library room that has closing pocket doors. Putting the tree in the den instead of the larger family room will keep Bella from doing what Bella does: destroy things.

Looking at the picture at the top of this page indicates that we made the right decision. Every year I tell myself that this is the best tree that we have ever had, and so it goes with this one. My wife and I prefer real trees over the artificial trees so this tree is a real one. I have no idea what type of pine tree this is, but it looks nice.

We also have a small 3-foot artificial tree that we put in our front every year. Our thought is that we can put up a tree early in the holiday season and not have to worry about it drying out before Christmas arrives. This usually goes up the day after Thanksgiving. Then a week or two later we buy a real tree.

Above is a picture of the front entry hall with the small artificial tree. You can also see the real tree in the den. So we have all of our decorations up and are ready to enjoy the holiday season.


  1. Those are really nice! - I am glad I don't need to hoover up those pine needles for the next 6 months though!!!

  2. Cats can be a problem with Christmas trees - they see them as an elaborate activity toy .