Thursday, December 30, 2021

War Gaming With Silly Hats


Der Alte Fritz and Lady Emma Cuddlestone-Smythe don
festive headgear for their annual Christmas Teddy Bears war game.

If you are trying to achieve the bonhomie and relaxing atmosphere of a Beer And Pretzels type of war game, then nothing achieves this better than to have all of the players wear silly hats. My daughter and I don headgear every time we play a war game and we encourage you to give it a try.

Here are images from past Teddy Bears war game. Lady Emma is all grown up now so I really enjoy these pictures of her as a youngster.

Lady Emma Cuddlestone-Smythe models a British grenadier mitre from the Seven Years War era.

There is nothing like a good tricorn hat to get you into the mood for an 18th Century game.

Sometimes improvised headgear is the best.


  1. Love the hat in the last photo Jim, you are the great Popah of the Wargaming table and the hat adds dignity and elegance to this fantastic hobby.
    Cool, keep on gaming.


  2. Get ahead, get a hat takes on a whole new meaning in your household! I love the early 18th century Grenadier mitre!!!

  3. Absolutely wonderful, do like a silly hat myself as it distracts other players from my poor tactical decisions.