Thursday, December 23, 2021

Carthaginian Reinforcements Is Bad News For Rome


I picked up 80 painted HaT Carthaginian Veterans figures from a fellow collector and the reinforcements will enable me to field three 32-figure foot units. Two by 32 equals 64 figures, and the other 16 figures will bring my existing 16-figure unit up to 32 figures as well. The HaT Carthaginian Veterans set is out of production so regardless of the condition of the used figures, they are a valuable addition to my Carthaginian army.

Most of the figures are in decent condition, but many of them have bits of paint flacked or chipped off. Most of the damage is to the upright spears and to some of the shields. Should I touch up the chipped areas with a coating of artist’s gesso and then repaint, or should I strip off the old paint, prime them anew and give them a new paint job?

If I strip off the paint, will Simple Green work as well on plastic figures as it does on metal figures? Will Simple Green do harm to the plastic?

Your comments and advice are appreciated.


  1. Great buy, but as you say bad news for the romans.

    I'd go with a careful touch-in - Ok for small flakes and chips; perhaps take a different tack with larger areas of damage

    1. I was thinking of dabbing some gesso on the bare spots, then black paint, and then brown paint, followed by a spritz of gloss finish.

  2. Lovely looking units, you can't beat pre-painted units it make army painting so much easier.

    Merry Christmas Jim, family and fellow gamers,