Tuesday, December 21, 2021

My Carthaginian Army On Review


Hannibal's army of Italy - work in progress.

My 54mm Punic Wars Project has been making good progress since I kicked it off in October of this year. Both the Romans and the Carthaginians have 4 and 1/2 battle line infantry units painted. Both sides have assorted light troops (not too many at this point) and a limited amount of cavalry. I have been purchasing finished painted cavalry figures off of eBay from time to time so that I can start to fill out the cavalry contingent of both armies.

The other day I cleared all of the Roman buildings and Roman troops off of my game table (actually, a lot of the Romans are hiding behind the trees on one end of the table) so that I would have room to set up all of my painted Carthaginian troops for a parade review.

Thus far I have two Iberian infantry, one Celtic war band, and one Punic-African heavy infantry units that form the main battle line. I also have a small-ish group of light infantry armed with javelins and swords and another unit of 24 Balaeric Slingers. 

Finally, I have 16 Veterans unit, but I will be able to increase this particular unit up to 32 figures after adding and repainting additional finds on eBay. Here is a picture of the Veterans. They would have been the remnants of Hannibal's army in Italy that he brought back to Carthage when he had to confront the Roman invasion of Scipio Africanus, in the campaign leading up to the battle of Zama.

HaT Carthaginian Veterans

Here are some of the HaT elephants flanked by the Balaeric Slingers. Behind them are the Celts (right)
and the two Iberian (center and left) foot units. The slingers will operate in groups of six figures.
The Romans are lurking behind the trees in the back lefthand corner of the table.

Gallic cavalry and two larger Schliech brand of elephants. I have placed a Numidian cavalry figure
atop each elephant to give me an idea of what the finished set might look like

Second verse, same as the first.
Here you can get a better view of the Numidian cavalry figures that I recently acquired from another collector.

HaT Gallic cavalry figures. I am currently working on a unit of 12 horsemen.  
I have enough stock to have 48 Gallic cavalry in my Carthaginian army.

I will post a picture of the Roman army on this blog before the end of 2021.


  1. You are on fire! Wow!

    Kind Regards,


  2. Splendid progress on your project!

  3. 2nd Punic war armies are soooo nice, well done on the progress so far!

  4. Just magnificent. Hats off to your ambition.

  5. Prodigious, well-done and classically attractive Jim!,
    Best Wishes,
    Bill P.

  6. A beautiful army Jim, well done. Ive always liked 54mm soldiers and these reinforce why I like them.