Sunday, August 28, 2022

British Camel Corps Arrives, And HOW!


Yesterday I finished 12 more 54mm Armies In Plastic British Camel Corps figures. I now have 40 mounted Camel Corps ("CC") figures and 4 pack camels. My goal is to paint 60 CC and 8 pack camels for my Historicon 2023 war game. The idea is to have one mounted CC figure for each dismounted CC figure that I have.

So what does one do when one suddenly has 40 large 54mm Camel Corps figures? Why we have a parade!

I added two Trophy of Wales metal Camel Corps command figures: the officer in the blue tunic and the gentleman carrying the colors. I have them formed up seven across in six rows.

CC command group. The two figures in the center are metal figures
from Trophy of Wales.

A wider view of the desert table top. The column of Camel Corps are
venturing out into the desert where Dervish cavalry await them.

This photo kind of reminds me of the famous painting of the Camel Corps that seemingly had an endless frontage.

Here's the Director's Cut photograph, showing some of the behind the scenes set up:

I think that I need more blue sky felt to extend the back drop.

More to come within a few weeks. I have reordered another dozen or so CC figures from AIP this week. I wonder if I should dress some of the figures in red coats?