Saturday, August 27, 2022

Big Train Has Arrived in the Sudan Project


Bachmann G Scale locomotive and coal tender. 
This is G Scale size.

My Bachmann locomotive and coal tender arrived yesterday. They are in G Scale which is the largest train scale, with the trains typically used outdoors in gardens. All G Scale brands seem to be compatible with track made by LGB. The different cars are supposed to be compatible, except for one little thing: they all have different coupling attachments. This means that for now, I can't hook my LGB flat car up with my Bachmann coal tender. Apparently one can buy a kit that allows one to change out the coupling knuckle for one that is compatible with another brand. So I will have to make a trip to the local model train shop to get some help on this. However, for now, this is not a big problem.

I think that next week might be devoted to making terrain and one of the projects will be to imbed the sleeper ties into a terrain base which should help with the visual look of the train and help to lower its profile relative to the size of the 54mm figures.

Here are some pictures that I took yesterday:

The engine looks like I can use "as is", but I plan to do a little bit of conversion work on the coal tender, such as covering over the "Vanderbilt" name and replacing the coal with dark ballast material. That might have to wait another week because I went to focus more on ground terrain pieces.


  1. That’s excellent Jim this project is excellent and no excuses for people not playing at Historicon wish I could be there

  2. That’s a brilliant piece of kit Jim. Looks superb and will fit right in to the rest of the table perfectly.

  3. Nice loco - (couplings swap is fairly easy); not far off what would have been in use in the 1890s (
    Possible ballast for the railway track, need something lightweight - perhaps vermiculite

    Your project has me thinking I might make a military train to run on my G scale model railway.