Monday, December 2, 2013

18th Century Traveling Coaches

There is a distinct lack of suitable 18th Century traveling coaches  in the 28mm market. Many of us have to resort to the out of date 17th Century (ECW) coach made by Redoubt. I have seen some other "fantasy coaches " here and there, but none are truly suitable for our period.

I did stumble upon a likely candidate in the American coach reposited in the Beekman Collection. This is the real thing, not a scale model.


  1. Dear Jim,
    Another coach is available for your perusal at Mount Vernon if faded memory serves. As I recall it was black with gold appointments. I wonder if it has ever been made into a model.
    A/K/A The Celtic Curmudgeon

  2. That is a beautiful piece of work. Didn't Warlord do a Napoleonic coach recently?

  3. Aha! Do I detect the inkling of (perhaps?) another item in the pipeline for he recently merged Fife&Drum and Minden lines? Hint, hint, hint. . .

    Best Regards,


  4. Sounds like a good sculpting contest, to build a proper coach and create a small diorama, say, four hourses, positilion, footman aide, general, and fille de joie?

  5. Hello, Jim. As Cincinnatus said... and perhaps a duchess too, Cheers, Rohan.

  6. Jim
    Do you still have the mail I sent you in June? Included were some pictures of 18th century coaches.
    (looking forward to such a piece of jewellery)