Sunday, December 15, 2013

1st Continental Light Dragoons from Fife & Drum

1st Continental Light Dragoons: loading (L) and Firing (R). Click all pictures to enlarge the view.

Here are some pictures of the eight poses that Richard Ansell created for the Fife & Drum range of AWI figures. As with the British dragoons in the range, this set is primarily in skirmish or vedette poses, although you can create a formal looking regiment of troopers all with shouldered swords, along with the appropriate command figures. The Continental dragoons are at Griffin Moulds right now and I expect that we will have them in production in January 2014.

Continentals firing pistol (L) and resting carbine (R)

Continetal Command: trumpeter (L) and officer (R)
Continental standard bearer (L) and trooper with rested sword (R)

I could envision two squadrons of the 1st Continental Light Dragoons on the table top. The first squadron would be posted out front in open skirmish order and might include a mix of the Officer pointing, the carbine at rest, a pair of firing carbine and loading carbine, and shooting pistol and carbine at rest. Then you would have the second squadron deployed further back, with the officer, standard bearer and the trumpeter, plus 9 of the troopers with shouldered swords, ready to support the skirmish line.

The next batch of AWI cavalry will include the British Legion cavalry (8 poses) and the 3rd Continental Light Dragoons. These two sets of figures will be in a more energetic series of charging and hacking poses. This way, one regiment can be used for skirmishing and the second regiment could be used for charging and melee.


  1. You've probably posted this elsewhere and I've just missed it, but will these be available at roughly the same time that the kickstarter backers get theirs?

    I have some other figures for different dragoons, but none for the 1st yet, these would fill that void nicely.

  2. Jim, these are beautiful. All the formality we love from Minden with just enough humanity to really make them sparkle. Well done again for dreaming big dreams..

  3. Iowa, they will be made available to anyone in January, just nano-seconds after I start mailing Kickstarter rewards.

    I wonder what people think about a no obligation preorder system for the dragoons so that I can gauge how much extra inventory to order?

  4. That's a good question. I know I'm a person of purchasing impulse and unless I stay focused on a release date, I empty the gaming budget as sales etc roll.