Monday, December 9, 2013

Bloody Ban Tarleton Is Painted

The Banastre Tarleton Personality Figure from Fife & Drum Miniatures (click all pix to enlarge)

I was able to paint and base the new Banastre Tarleton figure that we have added to the Fife & Drum range of AWI miniatures. The figure shown in these pictures is seated on one of the six new medium sized horses that we added specifically for the AWI range, with the assumption that the heavy cavalry horses of the Minden range would be more suitable for the heavy cuirassiers and dragoons of the SYW era. Over here in America, the horses tended to be a lot smaller because the armies did not use their dragoons for heavy shock action tactics.

Front view of Tarleton
I think that Tarleton cuts a dashing figure and Richard Ansell did a wonderful job of conveying the spirit and elan of the cavalryman. He was really a lot of fun to paint and rather an easy job at that too, because the figure is not loaded down with a lot of equipment. The new (one of six new horses) is another walking pose - very life-like and natural in appearance.

When I look at this figure, my mind wanders into the future when we add the British Legion cavalry and I can just imagine Bloody Ban leading a frenzied charge against a line of shaky American militia. I imagine that the full regiment will look rather spectacular.

Left rear view of Tarleton
Banastre Tarleton - Fife & Drum Personality Figure. (click to enlarge)
And finally, here is a Work In Progress picture of the Knyhausen personality figure that I am working on. He has a ways to go before I can finish him off and base him, but I thought that you might enjoy the preview nevertheless.
Baron von Knyphausen, commander of the Hessian corps in North America. Work in Progress photo.


  1. Fantastic figures and painting work, sir. These figures are really nice!

  2. Great looking figure and painting!


  3. Masterfully executed, Jim. The dark green and highlghts on Ban are really effective. The ol' Baron is coming along nicely too.

    Best Regards,


  4. Lovely work! The green is very nice but I particularly like the horse (go figure).

  5. Excellent! Now all he needs is to be running for his life from the Cowpens. I especially like the horse, and the tasteful little socks.

    I can't wait to see the finished Kyphausen figure. I am very much a fan of the cast-on lace for Prussian and Hessian regiments. I know it reduces their generalizability, but I find it much easier to paint and a much nicer looking product when finished.

    If only it was in 15mm too!

  6. Very nice! Regarding Knyphausen, there was a gentleman at the Hook 2013 who was replendent in a recreation of the Baron's silver braided uniform. Can't wait to see the finished fig!