Monday, December 9, 2013

A Cold Winter's Night & A Warm Fire

Der Alte Fritz's Fireside Perch

It is 5F degrees outside this evening here in Wintry Hesse Seewald. Mrs Fritz is in her kerchief and I'm in my cap and we have settled down in front of a warm fire to watch the Chicago Bears defeat the Dallas Cowboys. This is the best place to be on a cold evening like this.

You can see my favorite chair right next to the fireplace. This is where I spend some of my evenings plotting the next Prussian invasion of Saxony or Bohemia or planning future additions to the Minden or Fife & Drum figure ranges.

That leads me to comment on the upcoming SYW game next Saturday at Chez Protz. The game will feature all of my painted Minden and RSM figures in one game, so it should be quite a thing to behold. I have been painting Mindens almost non-stop since Labor Day back in September  in anticipation of this game. I had hoped to add 8 more Bayreuth Dragoons and 2 more Black Hussars, but even I have 
Painting limits and the reality was that I couldn't add these last few figures without spending a ridiculous amount of time on them and getting all stresses out. So I bowed to reality and said "this is enough".

The rest of the week now looks a lot more relaxed.


  1. Jim,

    That picture looks absolutely heavenly. There are few things finer than a chair, a book and a fire.

    I hope you enjoy your game.


  2. I think I must have been an arsonist in a former life as I'm a great fire builder. Its the best bit about winter. Although we live in a town and are meant to use smokeless coal, for years I have used a bed of normal untreated coal topped off with logs. Our sitting room actually has 2 beautiful fireplaces but I only ever use one as the room gets gloriously warm with just one going. Now also with the Christmas tree up it is very hard to beat.


  3. giosh that looks cosy - perfect for reading history and indulging in a wee libation

  4. Well said. Totally agree with what you say, and the sentiment behind it. Am lucky enough to have something similar, in a house built in the same year as the battle of St.Denis (quiz question). Have a great Christmas all and a happy and prosperous New Year