Sunday, December 15, 2013

16th Light Dragoon - Fife & Drum AWI Figures

16th Light Dragoons
16th Light Dragoon: rested carbine (left); firing pistol (right). Click all pix to enlarge the view

I finally had a chance to download all of the pictures that Richard Ansell sent to me that depict the eight different poses that he has sculpted for the 16th Light Dragoons. I will post views of the figures from the left and from the right side of the figures. In a couple of instances, a front view of the figures will also be shown.

The general idea is that the first pair of American and British AWI cavalry regiments will feature skirmishing and scouting poses, as well as some "shouldered sword" poses to create either a skirmish line or a squadron deployed in line and ready to advance.

An active looking squadron or regiment can be created using the four "skirmishing" poses of the 16th Light Dragoons: loading carbine, firing carbine, firing pistol,  resting carbine on thigh and then adding the officer and musician to complete the set.

16th LD loading his carbine (L) and firing his carbine (R)

Left hand side view of the loading and firing figures.

The more formal look of the cavalry regiment in line and ready for action can be achieved by using the two 16th LD troopers with shouldered swords: one is wearing the traditional uniform coat while the other is wearing a hunting shirt out on the campaign. You can pair these figures up with the two command figures (musician and officer pointing) to create a squadron or regiment in line, possibly serving in a second line behind the cavalry picket line.

16th LD shouldered sword: uniform coat (L) and hunting shirt (R)

Right hand side view of the shouldered sword set of 16th LD.

16th LD command figures: trumpeter (L) and Officer (R)

Reverse view of the command figures.

The greens are on their way to Griffin Moulds, where Stewart will have the master and production moulds made, and after that, they can start spining metal and getting them into production. I anticipate that the 16th LD and the 1st Continental Light Dragoons will be ready to sell in January 2014.

NEXT: 1st Continental Light Dragoons.


  1. Just the thing for the cavalry contingent of a fictitious Stollenian Legion that I've had floating around in the back of my mind for quite a while now.

    Best Regards,


  2. This means I'm going to have to make a decision soon! but I'm now spoilt for choice. Lovely figures and I'll probably need more than my pocket can stand.

  3. These are lovely but what I'm really after is some figures suitable for the 15th Light Dragoons in the SYW. Is there any chance these might be included in a future release?