Friday, December 27, 2013

Von Knyphausen & Francis Marion - Painted Figures

Von Knyphausen (Left) with a Minden Prussian officer on foot; and Francis Marion (Right). Click pix to enlarge.

I finally found some time over the holiday to finish painting the von Knyphausen and Francis Marion personality figures from Fife & Drum Miniatures. The Francis Marion figure obviously needs to have its base finished off -- the spackel compound dipped in fine grit needs to dry overnight and then I can ink the base and start applying the static grass and tufts.

I added one of the Prussian senior general staff on foot figures from the Minden range to create a mini diorama on the Von Knyphausen stand. The foot figure is holding a map and showing it to the mounted figure. He would make for a fine SYW Prussian general, with removal of the small epaulette on the left shoulder to convert him into a Prussian general.

In other Minden-related news, I have boosted the Bayreuth Dragoons from 32 figures to 50 figures over the past several weeks. I might stop at 50 figures, but eventually I could increase the regiment to 60 figures, which at a 1:20 ratio, would represent 1,200 cavalry in 10 squadrons.